INVASION! from planet C gets reviewed.




I got my copy of this movie in the mail. And…

It is horrible. But, I can’t stop watching it. Bring on IPC II.

Blast it.

Just say “Blast It”. It will fill you with stoke.

it has that way about it.

this project is packed with the sublime.

check the dinner scene close.

whats going on when i am getting up from the table?

HURLEY is hosting a party/art exhibit/movie screening for us this Friday May 18th from 6 - 11 pm.

There will be artifacts from the filming and art that was inspiration and inspired by the filming of INVASION! from planet C.

The show will starts at 7:30.

Gene Cooper will have some boards on display.

1945 placentia

Costa Mesa, CA

thank you everyone for coming out and beeing a part of it!