Is base coat wax necessary?

Is base coat wax necessary? or scam?

Define base-coat wax.

I have only NOT used base coat wax once. I too questioned the need for it. Well, I could literally feel myself slowly sliding down my board as I sat bobbing in the lineup. I learned my lesson. It’s worth the $1.50 investment, IMO.

I’ve skipped it but in the Winter you use more wax without it as it’s softer. I always find it easier now to use a base coat and you get better grip. I only just discovered Liquid Wax today, never used it but it sounds intriguing!!!

I should add, in Summer, no point it’s basically what you’re putting on your board anyway, especially in warmer water.

I use it, if well aplied makes you waste less wax and the patern of the mix of the two on the deck stays more tough.
Also in cold water you can use hot water wax as basecoat.
That is my opinion.
If you really really need it?, of course no.
Not english native if anything unclear let me kmow.
Cheers and good waves

What about if using warm wax instead of tropical?

I use candle wax for my base coat. I save old candles, or get them cheap at yard sales or thrift stores. The wax is harder than surf wax, so I generally apply to a clean board on a warm day, a good thorough coat, then everytime I go surfing I just apply a thin coat of softer stickier surf wax before I paddle out.

Here in NZ they sell Tropical as basecoat. I use that or the warm water depending on what I have at the time. Hucks candle wax idea has some merit too.