Is it possible to have bad fiberglass cloth?

Hello all, and first of all, thank you to everyone here for all of the constant help and suggestions. Although I had shaped about 6 boards this current one is the first that I glassed, other than one that I did with cheap auto resin and cloth just to try and get a feel for it. Anyway, the one I glassed with the automotive supplies came out decent for a first go. It resembled all of the photos I had seen on here, so i thought i did it correctly. Anyway, as I finished shaping this last board I picked up some poly resin from surfsource, a new squeegee, and then I bought some “surfboard fiberglass” cloth off ebay. That was most likely my mistake, in hindsight. Anyway, the cloth I bought looked and felt identical to the cloth that surfsource sells in most shops for ding repairs, etc. Anyway, apparently it was not. I wet it all out, tucked the laps, cut the laps, everything looked good, except that the fabric didn’t turn clear as expected. I read in the archives that some cloth is treated and it causes it to yellow, which i think is what happened, because it dried a horrible uneven yellow tint. My question is…am I screwed? Structurally, it should be strong, right? Cosmetically, is there anything I can do to fix it?? Is there a way to pull the cloth and start over without ruining the shaped blank? Thanks in advance!

best thing i can think of would be to lam another layer top and bottom with a resin tint…that’ll cover up the yellowness. however, just to be safe, i’d do it as a primary color. it might mix with the yellow, so tint blue or red. blue + yellow = green, red + yellow = orange, most other colors + yellow = bad.

also, fiberglass florida is cheaper than surfsource…they don’t really offer the same level of customer service, but if you know what you want, they’ve got it for less.

soulstice, thanks! If I use a resin tint, will it cover up an airbrush sprayed on the foam completely?

As far as fiberglass florida, I’d like to try them, but whats the best way to place an order or get pricing…call them direct? I just went with surfsource becasue it was easy to order, but FF is definetely being considered, thanks again

It’s only a surfboard so structurally it will probably be okay, but the cloth could have been contaminated in some way, water, dirt, weather.

The person you bought it from may, or may not, have anything to do with it, but I would recommend getting your next cloth from a more reputable source.

ebay has it’s bargains, but there are some things I wouldn’t take risks with.

I’ve read that certain kinds of cloths are not compatible with certain kinds of resins, but i dont know if its true. I don’t think it’s good idea trying to take the cloth apart. maybe you can make-up the mistake. Maybe a resin swirl or something like that. Jack

you can call FF directly, or send 'em an email and they’ll usually get back to you within a day or two. as far as whether the tint will cover up your airbrush, it wouldn’t cover it completely, but it will make it difficult to see and really blur it all together in a not so good way. this can be mitigated depending on what colors the airbrush is, and what color you tint over it. and then there’s the factor of the yellowish glass underneath…who knows how that’ll play out??? whatever color you choose, just try to imagine how the finished product will look over the translucent yellowishness on the airbrush. alternatively, you could tint the bottom any opaque color you want and then nothing will show through. your board…your call.

soulstice, thanks again…I will let you know how it goes…