is it time for a new fin system?

Hi guys 

just a heads up - we are finalising a deal with a new fin company that has developed a new box  

Inspired by the old "Surfinz"box  - its a universal box that will fit FCS1, Gear box, Pro box, surfinz, aust fin co and FCS2s (but not futures)

Install - futures one pass kit can be used  to install but they will also do a new install kit .

it will come in 8 degree and 4 degree + centre boxes

So in summary your Futures one pass kit will be the only install kit you would need to be able to install boxes to fit  FCS plus your normal futures boxes.

Would you be interested in a system like this? 

Hey Sanded, 

Love your products. But this one I would pass on. I like more cant angles. I also like Gearbox for its for and aft movement. Plus, it is rumored fcs is going to come out with a new system too. And in Europe we have to spend big $$ to get anything other than the market leaders fcs and or futures. 

But 1-pass = great!

Combination with Futures tools = great


"Inspired by the old “Surfinz"box  - its a universal box that will fit FCS1, Gear box, Pro box, surfinz, aust fin co and FCS2s (but not futures)”

I had it 13yrs or so ago for beta testing. Gave it to a sways member. It was ok, the boxes that I had were kind of bulky and of low quality plastic(too brittle) and was the weak point of system.  The cant angle inserts got lost easily and as a minimilist I wasn’t impressed but had extras to give out to customers that had them installed. I rate futures products 10/10 and the surfinz a 4/10  . 

Futures center fin 8" and 10"  boxes are awesome for placement and quality.

 What do you have planned for this type of fin long box?  Lots of foil boards these days needing them.

Finally what will be the name of the company??? 

Futures naming has certainly lived up to the meaning.




Yes Futures “Strong Box” is a very secure box.   I’ve done the FU Bahne box for a very long time.   These days I do them with milled fiber and a tail patch.  Never have a problem.  A friend of mine down the coast switched over to the Strong Box and has never looked back.  I have the jig and am starting to use them more often.  Good selling point.   I’m all in on Futures boxes.  Sometimes though as a weight savings measure on four, five or six fin setups;  I will go with the lighter FCS Fusions.

Thanks for the info BB30

Yep the surfinz plastic was crap, thanks for the photo it looks like a powerbase/ surfinz cross breed? interesting 

These new boxes look more like a futures and uses the same composite materials as the Futures plug. The tests we have done so far took the same force as futures (real - not chinese copies) to break/ fail 

With longboard boxes - they are not looking to replace those boxes as there is enough ranges out there at the moment .

Brand - we are still talking through the deal - so will leave that alone at the moment.  we are mainly trying to get the feel out there to see if people want a 3rd brand of fin box or not.  they will be bringing out their version of a one tab to fit the box but will have the chance to use many of the fins on the market as they will fit the box.



Thanks Wouter

Great feedback! I know they are aiming to speak with Viral Surf as well to distribute and a US company as well. and will be cheaper than fcs2 boxes. if using fcs1, gearbox , probox ect… it will still have For and Aft  movement. 

Yep heard about FCS3 as well been told stil a few years away… 


Id look at it for sure! 

Hey guys 

Heres the first look at the box I was talking about they have just sent us samples to show it and put it into some boards to check everything . 

Top left fin is what the base they will launch with  but can fit all these styles of fins  plus a few more 

angles are 8 degree 4 degree and centres

Colours black and white



Probably not time.  But I like the design.  Set screws on opposite sides and a flange.  I have found out though that most surfers don’t care if they can interchange a bunch of different fin bases.  FCS has done the best job of coming up with a new system without making “Tab” fins from their other boxes obsolete.  Once a surfer orders a board with FCSII boxes installed, they start buying fins that are specific to that box.  Futures has got it knocked for a good system.  Good strength and easy install with the “One Shot” kit.  Color coordinated too.  But their fins fit their boxes only.  They have done a good job at improving the install process through the years.  From the “donut” two pass to the “One Pass”.   They have tried to make the install as simple as possible.  Pro glass shops need a simple install.  They haven’t got all afternoon to do a Five fin install. Get 'em marked.  Get 'em cut.  Lowel

Oh, and a word about the Strong box.  The best improvement in a single fin box to come along in years.  But, Bahne/Fins Unlimited box will be around for years to come.  A lot of guys in OC are still using the O’Fishl box because it’s capped.  Chinook is a good box but cost to much for large volume production runs and can’t be bought at most supply houses.

All FCS needs to do with the FCSII box is make the box itself slightly longer in front of and at the back of the box so that there can be a little more glass and a little more strength.  I’d say an 1/8th" added to each end would be perfect.

The problem I see with bringing a new box system to market is that the board builders looking for cheaper are already using knock off FCS or Futures boxes they can buy for 1/3rd or even less the cost of genuine on Ali-Express.

Thanks Mcding

Yep true that’s why they are making the single tab base featured in the pic above. 

Heres how it installs using the Futures 1 pass install kit 

Pretty simple really- drop the insert in the back of the 1 pass jig - use the futures 3/4 router bit , use the futures target to line up, then cut box in

They have their own jig coming out but they thought for the guys who “Dont want another jig” the insert will hopefully make it really easy.

Box value is half the price of a FCS2 box costs in Australia and about 25% cheaper than a Futures? 

We carry all boxes brands on our site so we are happy either way - its just another box, but I think this one has merrit … just thought it might be of interest that these are coming very soon 



You didn’t mention  ttt was making single tab fins to fit these when you showed me in store a few weeks back!! I’m the fool who stumbled in with plans to shape a basalt glassed, asym, duo. (Almost done too; trying to clear some garage space for glassing)

I’m absolutely fresh to the shaping game… though I feel like I’m in it for the long haul now! I for one an excited about these boxes. While my personal fin collection is entirely futures, my dad’s is all twin tab. This new ttt box offers me an option to make boards for both of us without messing with different systems.  

I imagine also that the ttt install kit will be more affordable than the futures one? I’ve held off on my first board due to finances but knowing there’s a new jig coming locally is fantastic news.  

On top of all this I’ve been really stoked with ttt fins in general, very competitively priced, interesting template and material offerings. Being able to fit quality, affordable, and strong single tab fins, while retaining use of a whole collection sans futures is a pretty great option.  

I’m kinda surprised by the less than overwhelming response. I wouldn’t be shocked if more new/newer shapers shared my sentiments. The idea of making a board for a friend and being able to ask “futures or fcs” without changing any part of the build process is absolutely worth exploring.  

P.S. realised you hadn’t dropped the brand name on here so I’ve modiified my reply to try and respect that.