anybody out there inventin’ sum new surf vehicle in the backyard? or, is it true that nothin’ major has been done in surfboard designe since the Campbell brothers invented the Bonzer in 1973.

who’'s campbell and what’s the bonzer?

What’s a Bonzer other than a Simmons twin fin concave stuck on a short board template with a stabilizer fin. You could make a case for Laird’s hydrofoil or maybe a boogie board, or maybe a surfmat…I’m working on a anti-water hover craft that rides on the pressure created by the wave passing through the air. I’ve trained some seagulls and pelicans to use the principal to some success. Maybe you’ve seen them…

So you’re the guy behind the seagulls…need to work on their exhaust systems…

Thank you gentlemen fer yer attention … Slim Railpickens

Yes Lee dynamic soaring is a real good use of energy. The radio control gliders are using this principal to go over two hundred miles and hour now.

Okay, this is going to sound very stupid, but that’s what I sometimes do best…think of stupid things. So, yesterday I was at Legoland with my kids. Everything there is made of Legos, of course. They have a complete replica of NY city, without the World Trade Center (never had it actually, which is kind of prophetic in a way). The park was built four years ago. …continuing: Everything is made of Legos: Darth Vadar, two story dinosaurs, airplanes, gorillas, elephants, old ladies feeding pidgeons in the park, mummies, cops, fire trucks, the Taj Mahal, the Eifel Tower, Mount Rushmore. You name it, and everything is big. It took years to put this stuff together, and they used some high intensity glue to keep it all together. Anyway, I bet you already know what I’m thinking: a surfboard made of legos. Yeah, it’s stupid, and would ride like crap, but if it were big enough it might work. Whatdoyouthink?

I am currently designing a board out of solid bronze (the popouts will be cast iron).You launch em and ride like a bullet straight to the bottom.Unfortunatly there are two things to be worked out…Death, and how to get the board back. R.B.

Can you imagine, a hundred years ago when people rode 100 pound boards in Hawaii? I hate to imagine what would happen if you are paddling out and don’t notice that someone lost his board and it’s bouncing toward you in the whitewater. Ouch!

hey cleanlines- now that you got the board(s) designed, you need to concentrate on developing powers like magneto in the x-men so moving’,'ah, surfing those things would be easier…