is that stuff dry?

i just did a pretty dark tint …and it looks like some of the weave in the cloth is kinda dry, but i tried to get plenty resin on there…did i maybe press to hard? and pull out more resin than i thought too soon? maybe…will this go away when i hotcoat?..uhhhhhhhh.

Without seeing and touching it, can’t tell.

One thing for sure, when you hot, you hot with clear resin. Will not cover any dry spots.

One way to tell is wait for complete cure, and run your fingers over the lam. You can feel the dry spots cutting into your skin, being more abrasive…oops, maybe the dry spot is next to the spot that is abrasive!

Good light is another way, espcecially with a dark tint. Dark tints not recommended for any by the most experienced.

Blanks do sometimes gass up, if the temps rise while you are glassing.

I’d squeegee a seal coat, tinted like the board, and carefully press into any dry spots and pinbubbles, then wait for set, then hot.

Another trick, which I stole from a house painter. Dab a little on another surface, so you can touch it instead of your work, and not leave grubby prints and etc.

I always mixed double the resin I needed for custom colors, if something went amiss, I could come back with a skim coat or fix that pesky bubble with perfect color match