Is there a shop on the central coast of Florida that can service a skil 100

I’m looking for someone like Pete C here in east cost of Florida.  I need have my Skil 100 inspected and serviced. 


I’d be surprised if there was any other resource akin to PeteC.     The guy is a ‘‘wizard’’ when it comes to Skil 100’s.

If anyone would know of a source, it would be Ricky Carrol.  Also a possibility is the guy at “Mystic” Jim Dunlap.  Sold him a grit barrel a few years back.  You’re not gonna find anybody like Pete on either coast.  A good Power Tool" shop can take them apart, clean, check connections, replace bearings and brushes.  Had that done once years ago on the Central Coast of California before I knew Pete.  Bearings and brushes are basic for a good power tool shop.   My question to the owner of the shop at the time was “Had he ever worked on a Skil”?  When he. Said “Yes”.   I took a chance with him.  He admitted to me that he wouldn’t install new blades, because he did not have the Skil gauge used to line them up.  At the time I didn’t either.  Admitting to me he wouldn’t and couldn’t do the blades convinced me.