Is there no one out there looking for a rider?

OIs there no one out there looking for good, reliable talent?

george run run shaw ,hong kong martial arts mogul has a foundation, he’s promoting his nephew’s surfboards…long hours …wave tank in macau chlorinated to keep it clean long hours but rewarding pays well not a lot of money but stock options medical dental and room and board and two days off a week but not consecutive lots of free boards and trunks photo shoots are seperate pay scale these guys need riders bad because they dont know what they’re dooing…ambrose just fantasizing

sure is she big breasted and cook exotic dishes? loves to spend long hours on the beach.Does she enjoy looking at the ceiling?Is this the talent you mean?

My grandma would show you the few exotic meals on her body. I must say she doesnt have the biggest breasts and she does have a tendancy to drule and urinate uncontrollably. I dont think youll mind though. -AB

MKIA- I think you were wrong -AB