is this a problem???

oops, this one

I’ve never ridden keels before but that looks like some pretty extreme toe in to me.

i’m no professional, but if the straight edge line from each fin is crossing 3 in before you get to the nose, then yes they are toe’d excessively.


my .02

Do you have a straight-on photo of the full bottom with the board standing on the tail?
Photo angles can be misleading, especially since it looks like some kind of photoshop swirl effect was done RIGHT BETWEEN THE FINS. But from the measurement you described
it does sound excessive.

Bottom line - did you ride it, if so how did it go & how would you rate your level of surfing?

I am far from a ripper but not a beginner. My style is more bottom turn get speed and to some cheesy cutback and repeat. I only surf the south shore. mainly tongs, sometimes queens/canoes, ala moana, diamond head, and white plains on the weekends. I rode the board today and it was fine until it started to pick up and I wish i had a normal thruster. The board felt like the fins were lifting out of the water and got really really loose. I know the nature of twins but it was a bit excessive.

Hi ek9jdmhb,

I would have to agree with Bud seems alot. Also your cant on your fins seem alittle to much. Usally you can get away with more canted fins if your fins are toed out to much. But if your toed in to much, not only will you be pushing more water but the squirrely feel will be there with no drive because of to much cant.

Your board looks nice. Try getting a set of fins with less cant for that board and move them all the way back in the box. Being in Hawaii at the spots you mentioned, getting drive shouldn’t be a problem.

Hope this helps just a observation by your photos.