Is this a real deal Tom Blake paddleboard?

Any way to even tell for sure?

Made from Blake plans probably not a “real” Blake. It would have the drain plug if real for sure…

Absolutely perfect answer.       Cudos ACE.    Do you own one of the real ones?

Where on the board would the drain be located, the deck?

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Nose on deck side, from

“It would have the drain plug if real for sure…”

I agree that if real, it would have the drain plug but would add that the existence of the drain plug does not necessarily make it real…  I saw just a drain plug listed on EBay recently and my experience with metal casting tells me it would not be hard to reproduce.  It is arguable that the one ACE posted appears to be aluminum.  I think the originals were cast of brass or bronze. I personally know of a couple that were re-cast off the originals.  The one, which I have not seen in person, that is listed on EBay right now is priced at 1800.00.  

Now anything is possible… I do not have a “real” Blake I have a kit one. I was told the originals had a brrass one as well.  I just found a quick picture to post. There was a time when no one would bother making a fake one…I guess if the money is there people will scam anything. Buyer beware I think I paid $40.00 for the one I have years ago. Add a fake drain plug get $1800,00 not a bad days work…

$1,500???  Try $10,000.  There has been a total fake listed and relisted numerous times on eBay.  Someday, some fool will buy it too.  

I have a friend who has an authentic wood paddleboard that is not a Blake that has some serious provinance including pictures of the original owner with it and riding it in the 1940s.  Owner was a very famous individual outside of the surfing world.  Board is completely unmolested.  I often wonder what that board would bring if it were ever to go to auction given its value as a surf collectible and the famous person it once belonged to. 

Just so there is no confusion… that plug ALONE (no board attached) that I posted is listed on EBay at $1800.00.  I honestly can’t imagine the person getting that much for it, but stranger things have happened.

PS - Back in the day when high school students took shop classes, I was taught how to do sand castings.  The teacher would fire up the forge and do the actual pouring of molten metal but it is not difficult.  With a little Swaylock’s ingenuity, a backyard hack could do it quite easily.  The threading of the vent and cap might be a bit tricky but the casting itself is fairly basic. 

Ace’s aluminum version that came with his kit is testament to the process.

Just to clarify mine has NO fancy  plug. I just grabed a quick internet plug picture. FAKE PLUGS.

Dang ACE… I was almost  ready to suggest we go in to the underground metal casting business.

Probably have a better profit margin then surfboards…

Why go to all the bother of learning how to cast bronze. Go down to Tiajuna with the photo in Couple of days you will have your fake Blake Plug. 

When I had my Yatch business we worked on restoring a 1920s Lake Union Motor Yatch. Had to get some Bronze parts made. One of the ship Wright’s had connections in TJ with small foundry.  The parts came out looking great. Perfect matches 

. Almost as easy as faking a Lopez Lighting Bolt. 


John—-   There was a guy in North County making replica paddle boards for awhile.  Very nicely done.  No attempt at fraud, just a replica.  Even stained to look old.  Good decorative piece for a restaurant or living room.  They were about $1000.  Saw one at Wavlengths.