Is this board good for me?

    Hi, I have been surfing for about two years and all I have is a funboard. I want a new board that is shorter like a fish. I really like the Rusty Classic Fish but does anyone know if they are any good? I am 5'11 and pretty light. Oh yeah the board is 5'10 and twin fin. Thanks

You might want to mention the dimensions of the funboard as they can range from 6’6" up to 9’ and thats a big range.

You’ll probably fall on your ass more than a few times, but once you’ve got it dialed you’ll be loving it.  I’m 5’10" and 160lb and my 5’8 classic twin fin is one of my favorite boards.  See if you can try something that small (shortness-wise) by borrowing a board from a friend or even renting from a shop to see if it’s for you.  Rusty shapes good boards I think.

The flatter rockers and wider tails on a fish make them more of a specialty board - they’re good for certain conditions but not for others.  At those lengths and rockers your margin for error is about as small as it gets.   If you’re going to keep your funboard for those days where the fish is overmatched then a fish could work well as a second board.  If you’re going to replace the funboard altogether then something little less extreme that the fish might be a more prudent call for you at this point.

I have a couple fishies, and I love them for what they are; but I don’t try to surf them in all conditions.    I use my fishies as part of a diverse collection of different types of boards.  I always try to match my choice of boards with the prevailing conditions.  

There are several of the shorter hybrid boards that are half performance board-half fish and are more versatile than either. Seeing as how you’re looking at Rusty boards, maybe something like the Dwart in a slightly longer length, like 6’0" or 6’2", the latter only being 3 inches longer than your height.    A little more length and rocker, a little narrower, and a fair bit more versatile overall.  My $.02