Is this the right place?

I don’t want to start another anti-China war about chinese boards advertised on Swaylock’s, but, frankly…

…what’s the connection between (probably) fake Gucci bags and surfboards/surfing?

Maybe if they were Gucci board bags… But women bags?

I know. Can someone (moderator?) get rid of that ad?

I think it’s a great stylish bag to put in another set of fins and an after-surf sandwich…hmmm

you can get rid of the ad by buying the bag… :slight_smile:

What’s really entertaining is to get one of the knockoffs or a genuine but used whatever…and treat it horribly in front of fashionists who equate their own self-wroth to the crap they own and flaunt.

One summer years ago when Perrier water was all the rage a friend and I bought a bottle while on extended camping duty in San Clemente. We thought it tasted hideous, didn’t mix with bourbon, you couldn’t cook with it and it was expensive. The glass bottle was pretty cool though and we kept the cap for it, so we would refill it at the campground spigot. The drinking and cooking water was in the gallon plastic jugs. One morning after a couple of hours in the water we had to drive into town for groceries. We were sitting in the campsite, talking to a couple of surf people camping nearby. We needed to put shoes on for some reason (maybe going to the bank to cash a travelers check) so we passed the Perrier bottle back and forth and washed the sand off our feet before putting on semi-clean socks and shoes. Conversation died as the fellow campers and people in the next site over watched us wash our feet with $2 imported high-fashion sparkling water…

A “Gucci” wetsuit bag would be great…

I bought it. I’m going to make a Paipo out of it. Just kidding. It’s down now.