Is your board an "upside-downer" or a "right-side-upper"?

Amongst my collection of surfboards I have two almost identical boards. One almost always ends up upside-down after a wipe-out, and the other almost always ends up right way up. Both have the leash plugs in exactly the same place. The only real difference is that the rightside-upper is slightly heavier. 

I have no idea why boards behave differently in this respect. Anyone have any thoughts?


Too much additive F

Have you checked there’s not a piece of buttered toast strapped to it?

Fin shape and position.

Probably used a surform on the upside-downer.

That and size of fin/fins.      Good call.

Ha, I’ve actually noticed this. My 6’4" single fin, which sports a 7.5" 4a, usually ends up upside down. My 5’5" pretty normal hpsb thruster usually stays rightside up. They’re totally different boards of course, so that probaby helps.

There must just be a cat or buttered toast involved somewhere.

The fins are exactly the same. I will check for buttered toast and cats next time I go surfing. 


Obviously, one is a northern hemisphere board and the other is a southern hemisphere board.  Lol.