This is one serious BITCH! 500 miles across, 150mph winds. Very symetrical. Gotta pray it only sends great surf.

It’s only once every few years that you see one with this kind of strength, size and symmetry. Beautiful and deadly at the same time. At 9 mph forward speed this is a killer.

beautiful hurricane…how’s the surf doing???

Hey Matt, Man would it be cool to get a ticket for the east coast! Do you know Saff? He is looking for a used 8-0 ± hull. Prefers a Liddle or Gross. I thought you might need to make room for the new one you got coming. The blanks should be delivered Saturday. I will be heading up your way to deliver that blank that I won in the raffle at SA 2003. Might have Paul make something for my grandaughter Mila Pearl. E-mail me your particulars. Roger

I’m praying…and probably buying a generator and water tomorrow.

Thats not to bad of an idea with the water. Living here in wilmington I can rember a good bunch that have hit in the past years. But this one is really serious. I just hope for the east coasts sake it makes the turn north. We will still get well overhead surf. Who’s up for a trip to the outer banks?

Greg!..what SITE did you get that sat. image from (I wanna keep my eye on that one!)? (beaut, ain’t she?..hope you guys safe). Category FIVE, and we’re already feeling it up on L.I.! Mahalo, T.

Whoops!(sorry)…ROB!..what site is the image from?!

Tom - Not to be contradictory but, if you’re referring to yesterday’s waves (and wed.) - had some real smokers before the wind got on it on the east end - from the choppy slop today, me thinks that was the remnants of Henri. I think come the beginning/ middle of next week, things will get real interesting on Long Island. As Greg said, lets hope she stays offshore. Pete National Hurricane Center - go to Satellite Imigery I like the Infrared Loops

Tom V. If you right-click on any Swaylock pic you can see the source under Properties. I actually got it off of another bulletin board. They have a very nice “land enhanced photo;” that’s what attracted me to the site. Rob Olliges p.s. Here’s the “land” photo. Updated. Batten down anything loose. I’d love for this thing to turn and just sit 200 miles east of Cape Cod/ south of Nova Scotia. Puerto Rico must be getting huge surf. Rincon anyone?

Looks like a well developed piko rather than an eye. Get ready: wax, water, extra leashes, generator, extra boards, radio, etc. Priorities in order. Rob Olliges

THANKS for the info Rob, E.Pac.! (beautiful shots!..thanks, again for posting them!). T. (Just hope she doesn’t give birth to hardship for anyone).