...it begins...

....new username [but not TOO different , really !] , after three years as 'chipfins' , and a few more as 'chipfish' [I thought about 'chip pics', or 'chipshots', or 'chip photos' .... but , nah ...]


new big bag of glass offcuts [ MANY thanks , Chris and Josh ! ]


new resin needed , next ....


then , more fins , this new second half of the year (' all going well' , of course ?!)



the templates,  for different sized panels....



So far , I have cut out enough cloth for one 4"x6" panel , one 5"x7" panel , one 6"x8" panel , and I'm 21 layers into an 8"x10" panel . I use 38 layers of four ounce cloth ,  to err on the side of thickness , for F.C.S. tabs ...

I will finish for this  week now , while my brother Simon is here [he is scheduled to arrive tomorrow , tuesday 14th june] .


 For me , a respirator is DEFINATELY needed , cutting this amount of cloth [I was at it for nearly four hours]. The material fibres , when airborne , can get up the nose , in the throat , on the mouth , tongue , skin , in the eyes .... not to mention how they stick to clothes and shoes and floor ! ....I had forgotten !!  [it's been at least six months , since I last had this amount of cloth to cut out !]


 cheers !





an air filter in the room 

would yield a ‘what have I been breathing?’

moment .Ventilate ventilate ventilate.

Silicosis is not just a word for coal miners.

Coal miners call it black lung.


so, now , 12 days later ....


  20 hours worth of cutting out panels , it's all finished !! ...


it was at least a 10 litre sized bag of cloth offcuts , and it yielded


five 4" x 6" panels , four 5" x7" ones , five 6"  x 8" panels , and one and a half 8" x 10" panels ...


 Anything from 17 to 26 or more fins can come from that , depending on the fin sizes , obviously ...   the 6 x 8" panels can yield a 5 1/2 x 7 1/2" keel each , for example , or two GS or bigger fins each ...the 8x10" can be a thruster set , or two twinnies , or keels .....


  Next ,  I've just got to get another litre of resin , more catalyst , more tint  or pigment or 'glo' powder . When there is a window of opportunity here , I'll be frothing to start the next step ...  laying up at least 15 fin panels ....yeehaaa  ...let the fun begin !! [fairly SOON ,  hopefully ?]


    cheers !



yep brose,

but before you die it petrafies your organs,including your skin.


but what the heck............in the 60s they said it was safe........................it is safe ..................isn't it?




just layed up an 8x10" glo in the dark panel , and have enough glo resin left to do at least a 6x8" panel too


yeehaa !


....it begins , indeed !

     Herb,Sure it's safe and we don't need any gloves or masks or protection of any kind to work with the chemicals involved. In between making a board here I will turn you on to a secret spot on the lake that gets DOH and it's a perfect peak with long rights and lefts that go all the way to shore. Aloha,Kokua

looking forward to seeing the fins

have been lurking here a while now


my father used to tell me of a job spraying ddt in peoples cuboards  to kill roaches  while the food plates etc still in there   safe harmless they said…

any chance i can call "dibs" on a set of fins chippy?

something along the lines of futures controller quads, but in fcs tabs would be awesome!

or perhaps you could send me (or someone else) a random set of fin(s) and they can make a board to suit the fins?

hiya pirate man !


  sure ,


  if you show me what futures controller quads look like , i'll see if i have something similar already made up , otherwise i guess i can have a go at making some ?


  meanwhile , here are some shots of the panels i made over the last two days while "access to swaylocks ' was 'forbidden' , for some reason (?!) ....

['glo' [ in the dark ] powder .... mixed into lam resin]




2 of the three 'glo' panels made ...




red background , white starry panels [like in the 'Kong's Island ' quiksilver boardshorts ]....



seen here dried , separated from glass , along with orange / gold spraypainted glass centre fin panel , and also the glo panels ...  BLOG8400.jpg



 ..... to be continued .....


  cheers !




tried out the hockey stix yesterday.....................they work good my man.

i'm going to mod them abit if that's okay with you.



....good on ya herb !!


.....sure , by all means .... feel free , mate !  I'd like to see the results [?photos please , herb ?]


.....did they GLO for you , when you got them home ?


  cheers !



glows like a torch ,ben my man !

you'll like what i have planned.

very greenough.