it WORKS !!

Well, for all my disappointment / frustration at how it looks , the colour , the broken bonzer runner tabs , the bleeding colour on the tail …

today I rode this in headhigh [and plus!] sized lefthanders, at my local … fun fun fun ! [As a 2+1 setup, by the way]

First righthander , drop in , do my usual leisurely upright single fin style bottom turn …darn thing accelerates up the face … and launches me through the air !! [ Whoa nelly …DOWN, boy! ]

SOOOO…next wave , crouch on the bottom turn …WHOOSH !

Yes , I can FEEL the “canyon” [?concaves?] working ! [ for sure !]


The next eight or so [lefthanders , this time] , the thing flies off the bottom . Stays high up under the lip , gripping the wall like my old "bonzer bottom " single fin used to . Getting flashbacks . Now I remember why I wanted to do this design !

I was wanting to feel the flex of the stringerless , but to be honest , I couldn’t today . [The board is possibly a bit thick].

Ended up staying out a couple of hours . Got plenty of fun waves. It was pretty empty , for some reason …strange , considering there’s been NO surf for WEEKS ! [Well…I ain’t complaining ! ]

further testing needed …


the 1 layer 4oz glass job top and bottom, and stringerless blank, certainly got a workout …duckdiving , caught inside in the impact zone for a few headhigh ones [ in the head ]…one backhand ‘airdrop’ . [This is the sort of stuff I want to see how / if it will survive for long !]

Good on ya, Chip!

Sounds like it goes okay so far, and good to hear it gave you surprises and memories.

Catch one for me.

F@#?EN AWESOME!!! I feel your stoke!! Great!

…can’t wait till I get the runners happening , and the fibreglass back fin !!

yo chip. brad here bro… no, i have not dropped off the face of the earth, but we’ve had three months of unreal waves/weather/banks- i’ve forgotten what a wetsuit even is, its like surfing in bath water. so been trying to make the most of it!! the old computer has taken a back seat lately. i was curious to see what everyone in swaysville had been up to.

you sound as busy as ever!! so stoked to hear your creations bringing you so much joy! you guys must be enjoying the late summer too?

ive also been busy as my boards gain popularity around here, i had 4 custom orders in this week alone from the bros- i didnt set out to do this but its hard to say no. some good cash tho! and i love the shaping- so getting my numbers up is enjoyable.

you know my fascination with non-conventional designs, so that shot of your stringerless item got me stoked- hey, and it works!

anyhow heres a few shots my mate took of me trial running my two latest boards- these 2 small days on a crazy bonzer 5’8".

. and the mid size one on my new 6’2"-they both felt like they worked too

take it easy mate, it wont be another 3 months till ya hear from me again

Hey Chip, i’ve got a big smile in my face now…

In my mind it was ME riding the board. stoked…


thanks a lot Brad for the update .

Sounds as though I should move to New Zealand for surf. [Plus , what are the women like ? …be honest !]

Now , back onto boards, not broads …

Do you get many “bonzers” there ?

…did you make yours a five finner ? [Or, THREE finner ?!]

Any chance of some photos of the board’s bottom and fins , please ?

thanks Yoshio … people’s desire to share stoke is what is good about this forum , I reckon !


I have to let everyone know that this board was built from the heart.

I witnessed the highs and lows of it’s conception. Elation, frustration (especially when someone like me chips in with his ideas, only joking), fear, joy, apprehension, and anticipation.

Chip shared and amazing experience with me and my family in creating this.

I am absolutely STOKED that this works for him.

Well done Chip, proud of you mate.

Now theres a couple mal blanks in the shed, not doing anything in particular.