It's a proven scientific fact that buying a new board will cause a flat spell.....

But, does the same go for moving to the coast from inland?
'Cause, seriously, it’s been knee high for over a week!
I realize it’s summer but, still…

Here in North County SD, it looks like there will be waves pretty soon and for a little while. :wink:

Overtime works the same way…

no extra hours for weeks…a friend sends me a text that a swell is comming…the Boss shows up 15 seconds later and asks me if I can work Overtime…and the overtime needed is right in the middle of the swell window…

There’s a balance between work and play…I like overtime…I’lll get waves…you’ll get some too

But if you HAND shape your own boards you’ll get the wave of the day!! Mellow Yellow, Meow!!

If you BUY a new board you’ll ding it straight away too


yeeewwww Marsh! Get some!

thanks Ray…

life is good waves or none… i can’t complain.

we’ve been at the beach every day the last week and a half.

On board sales judging from this careful analysis 


Sort of an oxymoron cuz orders may not be receding and most’ll have to be selective to sessions!

My wife and kids went on vacation to her family’s place in Michigan for all of July.  At the beginning of the month I was stoked because there were all kinds of waves; I thought my summer vacation was going to be AH-mazing.  Then I got two new boards.

Its been shitty for two weeks

Now, we’re getting swell on Tuesday through the rest of the week.  When does my family get home?  Tuesday.

I can just hear it now.  “You’ve been home alone all month why do you have to surf now?”

Not to mention that we are doing a large upgrade at work that’s going to give me 10+ hour days every day.


Too funny

It’s August, crisp.  Suck it up and plow through it. Next will be September and the first sloppy west and some souths. October then it’s game on again. Mike

Haha, right on Rooster and Mattwho…
Ifall, now i dont feel so bad… hang in there, fall is around the corner
We just drove by a little point that i’ve been scopin’ the last couple weeks and there was some bump in the water… maybe some waves tomorrow???

Hi Chris,

I was told you had moved farther South. Now we’re close enough to get the families together for some fun BBQ weekends. I can probably talk Jeff and his family into driving up as well.

We’re starting to see a little bump up in the water today. Maybe precursor to the hurricane swell combined with local windswell? Who knows, either way, it could be a good excuse to head down here soon.




18 footer. That’s a big one. The shark and flat spell are probably both chrisp’s fault. Mike

Its also a proven fact that if your new board won’t be done for a week, there will be waves tomorrow.

That sounds great Mr Duck!
We will have to make plans.

@John, geez, thats a big fish!

@Rooster… definitely my fault. Blame it on me :wink:

Even with a flat ocean and a VW bus sized fish lurking, we are super stoked on this move!!!

Besides John, everybody knows that shark attacks only happen in Sharktober… another proven scientific fact.

Holy sh!t

marsh wins swaylocks :o

hahaha, heck yah he does