It's finally starting to come together.

Board #3 and I’m finally starting to develop the “eye” for chasing bumps and dips.

Dims…6’6…19 3/4…2 1/2…Small wave shortboard for a large footed wookie.

Hi Sir -

Nicely done!

nice clean shape sir wal!

nice lines sir wank

hmm maybe i should have a crack at a pu blank

Thats a beatifull thing.

Thanks for the kind words. I’ll keep you updated with my attempt to glass it.

Nice board… Looks like it’ll rip!

That’s a very similar shape to the Auslocks board, it’ll go fine.

Well done Wankman…

I glassed it last week with epoxy. In a rush I tried to cure it in my homemade oven so I could sand it on Saturday and get it out in the water. After about two hours in the “oven” which was heated by a 120 watt flood light I decided to have a look and guess what I found…My light fell out of place onto the carpet. It burned about a two inch hole in the carpet.

We’re lucky the house didn’t burn down.

Anyway I sanded it the next day and did ok until I burned through to the weave in the nose and on the deck. Scratch surfing it Saturday. I put a couple of patches on and got it out on Sunday. It went quite well in the gutless crap I took it out in. The 15 1/2 inch tail helps a lot.

geez be careful ben , I’d hate to have one less wanker online

[actually , I’d be more concerned for your wife and daughter …]

…it’s a home made OVEN , alright !


And everyone thought I was going overboard when I gave those warnings about homemade ovens, after telling how to make them.