It's Sharktober ...

Folk’s - you might want to take a surfing break for a mos!? -i just read in local NEWS -a gentleman got knocked 15 ’ into the air by
A FIFETEEN FOOT LONG GREAT WHITE SHARK! He even got dragged under water, board got snapped in two, and he luckily managed to survive un-injured! Good news. But his boards a gonner. Happened@ Manresa beach fyi.

Why on earth would you start a thread like this???

Bcuz I read it on the news… I also heard October is known as " sharktober" out here. Yeah, I couldnt believe it! That it happened at that beach. That said, I wonder why oct is known as sharktober? I think maybe it’s breeding time ?

Yrs back - local news had spotted two biggies and we didn’t surf for a few weeks. Don’t remember if it was Oct?

If you don’t believe it - here’s a pic of his board. Apparently the animal knocked him flying whilst riding a wave. That’s pretty nuts! They say happened at dawn. Apparently his damaged surfboard is up for sale.

Its been sharktober here on the east coast too.

Mako224 - ahh, I just heard the term " sharktober " recently. Upfront, we have had a few attacks out here ( one fatal ) yrs back @ Asilomar beach. Weirdly I surfed there a yr after the attack…strangely I thought I saw something swimming under board 6 feet…could have been seaweed? I didn’t hang around to find out! I caught a wave in and wont be surfing there ever again… maybe cuz I know someone actually got killed there. One rule I’ve followed: -don’t surf near river mouths, and don’t surf during dusk or dawn. Ive had no problems for six + yrs. Knock on wood. I also do a prayer every time I go out. Another thing I quit doin is surfin alone. Prob safer to surf in groups? Be safe.

Yeah, I heard there was a sighting at Lowers too.  Guy had his leash bitten in two!  Seal Beach River has a local population of great whites.  They are feeding on all the baits fishermen are pitching off the long jetty.  Just a matter of time until “it” happens.  Hunington Pier?  Yeah, videos on youtube show the sharks just outside the surf line.  Gotta stay out of the water at these spots.  Swami’s and Cardiff Reef are the next hot spots.  Only spots safe are Huntington State Beach, Sunset/Surfside & Moonlight Beach.  The sharks also like red, green and purple boards.  Proven Fact!  Just my 2c…

dang river mouths! Once we; me and three hs friends we decided to go on a " surf surfari " to a new spot we thought might be cool…all we got was wind blown one foit waves. Later on I found out ZUMADOWSKI beach is supposed to be “shark infested.” I suppose an attack could happen anywhere - on any colored board. But it can’t hurt to use a color that’s safe! I should build some camo colored boards man! Maybe a selling point!? I heard gray is a good safe color by divers. That Said, I owened a gray/blue I surfed for over three yrs,almost daily and never had a issue. Kinda lighter tone. Yeah, I’m going to sit it out until these torpedoes leave the area… peace


Um… Look what they caught at County Line (So Cal) yesterday! This is an 18’ Great White! Ya know all those squid boats? Well, one of them caught this beast in their net! 

Low stress (except that Jaws tune stuck in your head) in the line up today!!!

Mattwho -that’s HUGE! But when you think about it, they probably hunt near seal hotspots…my Folk’s always told me not to surf ano nuevo. It’s supposed to be great white breeding ground -So i didnt. About Manresa beach, or where this attack news happened. Well, I was a " local " there… I surfed there for yrs - never heard of even a shark sighting there. I’m shocked. Glad he’s ok. He’s rattled for sure. I heard Australia has shark patrol units. It’s probably not a bad idea.

That shark attack in santa cruz turned out to be phony.

Jim, the Manresa thing was a guy bullshiting for money.  If you see him drop in on him. But, there is a lot of activity this time of year. The “quaint”  little beach break by your house which I will not name has had two attacks recently with a photo of a huge mofo off the beach the other day. It’s definately Sharktober.  Now more than ever. Litterally tons of anchovie, humpback feeding frenzies, it’s wide open. Keep your eyes open out there girls. The marine mammal protection thing was a huge success.  We’re reeping the benefits with whities everywhere. Thank you. Mike

for real? Damn, they had me fooled! Arrrg. Yeah, I was a local at maneresa - never heard of an attack there. I did however hear a gal died of an attack in the late sixties wading out n rio del mar beach. Waters a bit deeper there.

Mike - ty for the Info! Manresa is quite shallow! Also, being I was a surf rat there, we never heard of even "a shark sighting."well, they tricked me!?

Yup. I don’t surf that beach you mensioned. Believe it or not, I saw a 7 -8’ long pretty fat shark swimming through a wave - just last summer. It was on RIGHT side of parking lot. I suppose it could be a shark hang out? Ive surfed at surf way. I have no clue how good it gets there? But I had a itch to test my board… caught sum small funkey waves there. It felt safe and I was surfing alone. Something I quit doing now. Ty for the info!

Nothing at all on the news about that, and other than Ebola, GW sharks are very popular news items.  There must be some error about that story.

The local GW population has been on the news as juvenile (fish eaters) this guy is big enought to eat mammals.

Bad news and that may not be news.

Boy is spooked, seein’ fins and surfin’ in Ventura these days…

hey Shapahol Dude…

are you a Land Shark? Spending too much time on land?

Land Shark

The Stingray Crew ain’t afraid of a few Land Sharks…we’ll sting your legs and eat you for dinner…wimp…Go shape a gun or do something usefull…like fin installs or yardwork…



Yah Jim. That’s why they call it the “Snack Bar” now.  lol.  I’ve surfed out there alone a few times too.  Always felt spooky. Easy to walk down the beach and find your own sand bar too, even on a busy day. Mike

Now that I looked @ that beat up board, it looks fake. Surf tech? Never tried one?

I think the " spooky" thing is knowing someone died there… I can surf anywhere else and not feel wierd. But the beaches were something actually happened is a different story. There’s safer beaches

Ray, maybe you should check it out? Then you would know… Good to heed warnings when the NEWS posts them. Just my .o2