Jacobs 7'4" x 22" retro single fin ID?

I just got this board yesterday in a trade for a mid 90’s longboard i’d had for awhile. I thought it was a really insteresting shape and looked fun. I’ve searched here and on the web in general, but couldn’t find any info on it. Perhaps a stupid question, but is this Jacobs as in Hap Jacobs? It’s in pretty fair condition, aside from the nose repair someone did, which is water tight but just a little aesthetically unpleasing, and two repairs in the tail. I took it out this morning in knee-waist high poor central california coast “waves”, and actually had alot of fun, more than I expected (note I am pretty bad at surfing, long time beginner…). 


The history of things intrigues the hell out of me, didn’t know if anyone here could tell me anything more about it? Like perhaps year/what type of waves it was meant for? The only markings on the foam is a small very faded stamp on the deck that looks like it says either “235” or “255” with an arrow in front of it. No dims, no signature, no leash loop, no rocker…haha well perhaps a tiny bit of rocker. Really interesting 40/60 rails in the front and very pinched 50/50 rails through the tail. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you guys for your time!

 #235…Hap Jacobs…Looks like 1968 or 1969.

Thank you Bill Thrailkill!

What you have is a rare “transition era” popout- the arrow refers to “made over there”, in this case, a Cambodian slave labor camp. Thankfully, Hap quickly ceased that arrangement, for the reasons that follow.

This was a model that was considered, literally, cursed. An undeniable number of owners suffered a range of negative physical maladies, from terminal surfer’s ear to fourth-degree tit rash. The few remaining examples you’ll find today are usually in mint shape for that very reason- all original owners were quickly dry-docked. Most quit surfing altogether.

Rational explanations in this case fail. Various wild theories (based on numerology, violations of animistic taboos, and terrible parking ticket karma) exist, but by and large, this is now just a hazy footnote in the history of the industry.

To say that this board will hold your learning back is an understatement! Purely as a gesture to a bro, I will offer to come and get this thing out of your life. No charge, your thanks will be enough.

In the meanwhile, I’d consider temporarily staying in a motel till I can get down there.


HAHAHAHAHAHA wow Warthawg! So that’s why I got stuck in horrible traffic on the way to work after the surf this morning, followed by a ticket for a broken taillight, and then almost ran off the road by a school bus full of nuns yelling at me to “cast out the impurity, boy!!!”…huh…


It doesn’t have dimensions or a signature because nobody did that, back then.

It is certainly a Jacobs, but may not be a Hap Jacobs… Some time around 1969-70 Ricky Irons and Ricky James took over the Jacobs operation as far as production goes. Hap still owned the name but was in semi retirement and off doing other stuff. The WAVESET box and fin would make the board no newer than 1971 and more likely 69-70. The best things are the pinline and deck patch. A great example of the period.

I think the arrow means Robert August shaped it.  I see these low serial numbers on Streaks and other boards from that time period.  I’m guessing late '68.   Super nice board!

Tons of great info, thank you very much for sharing the knowledge! The deck patch is pretty interesting, for sure. I did a bit oresearch on WAVE set fins and suppose I will make my own, as one I would like one much thinner with a little less sweep and don’t want to alter the original, and two if it is an original I would really hate for it to break. I suppose that brings the question am I okay using this board if I’m careful with it? Or should it be bound for the wall of a monitored temperature room with no windows for evil foam-yellowing light to get through?

Get it water tight and ride it. It’s no museum piece, even if it is a cool artifact from days gone by. If you can make a new fin, good for you. WAVESET fins often sell for more than the boards they were taken from. Completist collectors have been known to pay as much as $300 for W.A.V.E. fin.

Got it, thank you Sammy! A new fin and good “uncursed” rides it is :wink:

Taboo question…would it be wrong to add a glass leash loop?

It’s your board