Jamie O'Brien whoops some ass at Pipe, waves and people

Spoke with a buddy of mine who lives on the North Shore. Told me the story, so I thought I would share it with Swaylockers. Go to www.northshorepowerportfolios.com after that click on Pipe 10/14/06. Then keep clicking next page and check out some nice surf photos. Keep clicking, I think it is on page 9 or so. On the main page it also tells the story of what happened. Also shows Kala coming over to regulate. I heard that the guy who was fighting Jamie, had some friends that were going to surround Jamie, Kala came out from the Volcom house to keep it one on one. And nobody argrued with him. Smart choice, I sure as hell would have not. Enjoy.

Looks like maybe one punch landed on anyone and alot of huffing, puffing and big eyes. Ha Ha…classic.

I understand the sentiment. Made asses of themselves. Take it out of public view. The guy with the tattoo was in very precarious position. Lucky the other guy did not brake his neck. Mike

Bah fights happen I love the North Shore for that very reason you call someone out you better be ready to back it up.

Go a round or two no one gets really hurt and most problems dissolve the locals keep the idiots in line and the water is safer because of it.

Grinding the guys face into the sand was a classic make the guy look like a punk move!!!

I’ve said it once, I’ve said it twice…You really got to screw up big time over there to get into a fight. You either got to be a kook, a jack ass, or a wave hog, or a combination of all of the above. I just got back from surfing the NS during that time frame, so many waves, in so many places. no more than 20 guys in most spots, and not more than 8 in the all other off the beaten track category. A side from Pipe, everybody is much more mellow than here in San Diego. When you got waves coming in at 5-8 per set, and sets coming in every 3-5 mins, thats a lot of waves. Here in san Diego you got 20 -50 guys out, 1-4 waves per set, coming in every 10-30 mins…that makes for some tense surfing.


Very true… Last fight I saw was in town over a parking stall… The guy who kept pressing the issue got grounded and pounded. Stood there drinking my coffee with a front row view of all the action… After the facial re-arrangement, I focused my attention on the incoming set… Talk about a variety of intertainment!

Lucky neither of them knew what they were doing.

No standup skills.

No ground skills.

Looks to me like some planned on taking a hit so his mates could get around them and kick the crap outta the poor guy.

Lucky an enforcer type stepped in :smiley:

That’s life, I guess.

Not that I would want to cost anybody any photo incentive money, but which one is Jamie O’Brien?

Since the North Shore turned into a surf industry photo factory I really haven’t given a shit about who does what, where, and when…but I do still have a bit of morbid curiosity.

waves are never that important.

a lot of posturing & chest beating is happening there. real men would pursue forgiveness & reconciliation, shake hands & move on.

i just think it’s really sad.

So true. I am going over there in a few weeks. We ( the family ) go there every year at the same time frame. Usually around Thanksgiving for a couple of weeks. Every year I do plenty of surfing with my buddy. Luckly our wives are good friends, so they don’t care if we bag out and go surfing. And every year I do the same thing, keep my mouth shut, do not act like a jackass, do not give stink eye to anybody, don’t be a wave hog, and everything else you think you should and should not do over there. I have never had any problems over there. Every year I will get snaked at least 4 or 5 times, and I do the same thing every year, keep my mouth shut and paddle back out. Don’t get me wrong, if that happens to me at Newport I will say something. Coming from Newport, hell I am just stoked to be there, add in 5 to 6 foot Jockos with a handfull of guys out, then going to Teds’ Bakery to grind, I really do not care if I get snaked a couple of times. After all I would get pissed to if all of a sudden my beautiful island turns into a circus every year. Add in traffic, idiots who trash the beach, do not pick up their trash, do not know the meaning of the word respect ( for the land and the people ) and everything else, yea I see how their tempers could grow short.


And have you every noticed that people who truly are physically capable in violent situations somehow always manage to avoid them.

If either of them had tried any of that rubbish on me they’d unconsious in seconds… But they wouldn’t have because I would have backed down and apologised immediately (it doesn’t matter who is in the right).

Just my take after years studying martial arts. I know some others on here have been at it even longer than I - be interested in hearing their thoughts.

LMFAO! Good one wanka!

Hello Doug- I am with you on that. I have studied Aikido for 15 years and have never been in a fight. Not even close. People who feel the need to fight are spiritually and mentally out of balance. It is certainly stupid to fight over waves.

I’ve been in many physical Fights in my life.Most unavoidable.The best/worst was when It went loud in some jungle that no one in the modern world really cared about ,w/ hot brass pouring down my back from from a gunship’s mini-guns and tracers are flying around like crazymadfireflys on speed,mortars and rpgs exploding within feet of me…and yes I have the scars physically and mentally to prove it.I make no excuses for what or who I am.I just acknowledge it and try to live in peace w/ the rest of the world…oh by-the-way…size never mattered to me in hand to hand…infact I perfer the adversary to be much bigger…more target area.

…If I can survive that…I can survive anything w/ anyone,in any situation,until it’s my turn to go.

Then I guess my two 8 year olds are going to do some serious Swaylock ass whipping, because they are small fast targets. Yep there the two blonde haloes on the end.

My two surf guards, they can hold there breath for 6 minitues while running, they can jump 15 feet straight up, and they are versed in the 21 points of death…they can kill you just by looking at you.

Right-on Resinhead,

The martial arts are a good balance of physical and mental.

…A self conditioning art…

I dis-like fighting it’s the last straw to solve anything,but sometimes,some rare times, you must defend yourself and your loved ones.

The disipline is the balance.

Picture from the incident…


waves are never that important.

a lot of posturing & chest beating is happening there. real men would pursue forgiveness & reconciliation, shake hands & move on.

i just think it’s really sad.

Salam a linkem

wrastling … duhui policeman … hot MILFs walking by… J O’B 20y/o w/beergut … photog shooting everything in site… what a F-ing carnival.