Jay Stone Blue Cheer

Maybe this is already common knowledge but I just found this out tonight, a few minutes ago.  Jay Stone passed away while in Canada of a heart attack on August 16th.  He was a close friend of mine and I lost touch with him a few years ago when I moved North.  He is the one who introduced me to Clyde Beatty when I went with him to Santa Barbara to pick up a few new "Blue Cheer" surfboards that Max Macdonald shaped for him.  It was because of that trip with him that I became part of the "Beatty Bunch".  I'm really bummed.  I know many of you guys who frequent this forum probably knew Jay and knew what a wonderful guy he was.  He will be missed! I don't know if he still had the "Blue Cheer" dive shop in Santa Monica any longer or not. Perhaps his son has taken it over.  If anyone has any more information, I would like to know.  Now I need to go cry for a while.