Jeff Clark Surfboards

How can I order one from him does he have an email address?


Don’t know his E mail address, but his town is HalfMoonBay, right next to Princeton, has a home under his name, so go phonebook info for phone #

Or get hold of Lokbox’s JJR, here as Lokbox, at surfermag under JJR.

The local rumor mills (North County, San Diego) is that he hangs out here a lot, in Leucadia, shaping and eating. In fact, some say he has been living here. Probably got tired of the bad-smelling women in Santa Cruz. I’m not sure. He might have been disgusted with all the Rat-boy pros riding Surftechs at Steamer Lane. That might have been it. Maybe he realized that Northern California has a lot of soul, but that Santa Cruz aint in Northern California. It’s in Central California, just like Hearst Castle.

Maybe he got tired of Great White sharks.

Maybe he ate at Pipe’s Cafe and got addicted to it.

I don’t know, but I do know he’s been lurking around here a lot.

Go to Longboard Grotto and ask them.

Better yet, go to Westlake and ask around. You’ll get lots of answers there. Half will be true and half will be total BS. But you’ll at least get pointed in the right direction.

But, while you’re up there, try STEVE Clark. He makes a wicked fish.

Jeff Clark Surfboards - 1-650-728-0503

Located inside of the Maverick’s Roadhouse Cafe, co-owned by Jeff Clark and his wife Katherine Graham-Clark.

Jeff’s wife divorced him years ago and took the Cafe, Jeff kept the name Mavericks and his surf shop is down the street, about two stone’s throws from the parking lot for Mavs. I used to have the number but someone else is managing his web site now and pimping his trademarks, and they don’t have his shop info there anymore…

650-563-9060 sez the yellow pages

A recent board order turnaround was 4-5 months…the specialty is quad guns with bottom roll (instead of Vee), Jeff is an excellent surfer in small waves too and makes board for that as well. Super nice guy, be patient.

Jeff is down here living part time in leucadia, and shaping in oceanside at global glassing. You can get a message to him by contacting JD at global at 760-757-1975. His purpose of being down here is to regenerate his surfboard business. For the last 2 years he has been making masters for KKL and refining his shapes. His slow turnaround time was in part due to glassers in santa cruz taking too long with his boards, and the fact that he is an extremely busy guy. He seems to be in a different city every day, either at some celebrity golf function, or meeting with his sponsors for the contest and stuff. He recently toured the country for riding giants with Gregg Knoll and Laird, and more recently he just ran the mavericks contest. He also has a surfshop to run. So now, with the help of his new apprentice shaper, he’s gotten his turnaround time down to around a month or so. Boards are looking pretty sweet!

I ran into Jeff Clark at the Maverick’s parking lot one day. I simply asked him if he was Jeff Clark. He said, “Yes”, shook my hand and we chatted a bit. He seemed like a genuinely nice guy. He offered to show me a local spot (not Maverick’s)that was breaking and later signed a poster for my son. I’m sure he doesn’t remember but I do.