Jersey area shapers, I need boards to draw on

Hi, all. I’m new here although I’ve been reading the archives for awhile. I’m a long time artist with a degree in architecture. I’ve been drawing for years, but just got into board art. I’m looking for boards to try it out on. So anyone who shapes in the Jersey area that might have unusable boards lying around (the bad ones you made while learning)… I’ll take em. If you’re looking for someone to draw on a good board I’d be down for that too. I’ll take old boards that aren’t ridable anymore as long as they have one good side I can draw on. I might even consider buying a board from you at a decent price to turn it into a wall hanger. My style is along the lines of the Lost/Brophy stuff, but I also have some of my own style to throw in there. I’m working with water based paint pens and acrylic paints. Drop me an email if you’re interested.



Hey Rick, I’m in the process of refinishing my first board, Its a 9’6" wooden hollow core, had to rip the bottom off and fix the rocker. I’ll be putting a new bottom on in a week or two then glassing. why don’t you post some of your artwork or e-mail it to me. I’m in Brick.