Jig Saw recomendations please?

Mine is just crap. I cut templates and stuff that needs to be accurate.

Who likes theirs?


Aloha Greg:

I highly recommend the Festool Trion jigsaw, see the attached link


I have had a number of different jigsaws over the years but this one blows them all away, it is amazingly accurate and I use it for cutting out everything from boards (foam and balsa) to templates.

One of the great things I like about it is that the blade does not wander as bad as other jigsaws when cutting thick foam. Also they have some amazing long blades for this jigsaw. Blade changes are incredibly fast and do not require tools, very slick! Also the power cord is removable so if you every need to replace it no problem.

There are two version of it one where you grip the barrel of the saw and the other with a handle. I strongly recommend the barrel version as it is way more versatile.

Might sound scary but when I cut out a blank I use this saw and hold both hands on the side of the barrel and walk backwards around the blanks, takes me about 4 minutes max to cut out a foam blank.

The only downside is that they are fairly expensive but it is of such high quality that I feel I’ll probably never have to buy another. Plus it comes in a really nice storage box and has a vacuum attachment, that makes all the difference in the world.

Sorry to be gushing a little, but it really is a great tool!


I have a Bosch with the barrel grip. It does everything that

I need and for around $150 bucks its a good deal!

Aloha Surfifty:

I had one of the Bosch jigsaws for the longest time and it was a good saw, but once I got the Festool I gave the Bosch away. The thing that the Festool does so much better is the mechanism that controls the blade. It is so much better at preventing the blade from drifting from side to side.

The Bosch is good, but the Festool has so many additional features and and is a much higher build quality that it is easily worth the extra money.


I recommend you consider the Bosch 1587 deal that comes with a 1/4 sheet sander for 99 bucks at Home Depot. I think they are still having that deal.

I had a 1587, but now have a 1590. I liked the 1587 for its lighter weight, to me it feels better in use than the 1590. But the 1590 is a great jig saw.

Handsaws have wider blades = no wobbles. They cost way way less too. You can keep a bar of paraffin nearby to keep the blade sliding easy.

Handsaws have wider blades = no wobbles. They cost way way less too. You can keep a bar of paraffin nearby to keep the blade sliding easy.


Your probably right on the handsaw being the best for cutting out a template. You’d get a cut with the least drift. I know that handtools like handsaws are making a comeback because of the woodworking forums. Sharpness and the way you do the teeth is super important. Sharing the knowledge of how best to do this has helped make them popular again. There are even instructional dvd’s at places like smartflix.com on how to sharpen them.


greg i have to second Robin on this one but he’s already done the gushing for me! lol

festool tools are amazing full stop and i truly believe once you have two of their tools and an extract hoover you will rarely go back to anything else.

easy test for you to perform tho is go into your nearest tool store stocking festool, take in a 2 inch thick slab of wood, say pine or similar and get them to cut a squigly line thru it(imagine jigsaw cuts) now seperate the two interlocking pieces and slide themselves thru each other forwards and backwards. then get them to try it with any other jigsaw and you’ll see why we recomend the festool, oh and definatly go for the barrel grip

plus on another side think of the environment. we are all makers on this forum and use tools for a variety of tasks so it pays to buy good tools which will last and cope with a variety of task levels. it makes me angry when people buy cheap tools to just get them thru one job say like i only need a jigsaw for cutting 3mm ply templates so ill just get a naff one. then a while later thinking oh if id bought a better jigsaw i could actually cut thicker timber with a good finish. i know im ranting but think of the carbon footprint of making all these cheap tools which get used once or twice then hidden on a shelf or dumped in landfill!

i know the diy’rs are generally worse than us but we all gotta do our bit.


Long jigsaw blade method. Take an inexpensive sawsall long blade, modify the mounting end to match the stock jigsaw blade with a dremel tool, file, and drill, no problem doing the mod, and works great.

Hey Dog

Good points, we’ve all got to think about the real effects of buying all this shiny cheap crap and not just tools.

Personally having a carpentry trade background I never buy cheap crap tools it’s just false economy ! You don’t have to buy top of the range but you do need to buy tools that are well made and of trade quality. They can make them look the same but that does’nt make them real tools.




forget about jigsaws

use a hand japanese pull saw

get one with a reasonably fine kerf with a blade about 30 to 40 cm long and about 10 cm deep

you will never look back

they cut templates true without the need to clean up

and they cut blank outlines true as well

because the blades are thin and flexible they follow the curve and if you angle the blade more the cleaner the cut

they are also very fast

and if you include the time you save truing up things

they are superior to jigsaw in everyway

should be able to get one for about 20$

Aloha Janklow:

As someone who has cut thousands of outlines with a handsaw I have to agree that they work great for the price. But once I switched to a jigsaw I would never cut out an outline any other way again, it takes a lot less time to cleanup and square the cut afterwards.

Of course you can’t beat the price of a handsaw and the bar of wax is a key to success with one!


OK. Saving up for a Festool. Everyone who uses any of their tools is fanatically convinced of their superiority.

I’ll hang on for a while with my crappy Skilsaw. (Problem is that even fairly new, the reciprocating shaft that holds the blade had developed play so that it rotates on its long axis.)

Get what you pay for? Thats only the upper limit. Usually you get less.

Regards, and thanks to all for the great advise.

carefull of kickback

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japanese handsaws are great but also hellishly dangerous if you take your eyes off the ball for the slightest split second, ill try and post a picture of my friends knuckle tomorow, he slipped cutting some wood and it went through his knuckle!

I’ve been thinking about this idea myself, that is, a circular saw. I know it was talked about a while ago. My cordless DeWalt has the motor on the right side too, which helps with the balance. Anyone have any tips?

Bosch buy the best one they make.

I have several killers,

My fav is my Marples handsaw…it can’t be beat…unless you’re talking routers and long bits.

Work what works best for you !