Jim's "MAGIC FISH" -5'10" x 22" Wide Keel Fish is done!

Fish fans! Here’s what you been waiting for! A close up picture of my perfected tail job! Fyi - I fine tuned in the am. Copied my other boards tail for reference. Hope you Fish fan’s like it!?–Jim

Yup, I ride them on the points. Ninja style. Clear board. Black wetsuit. Hood and booties. Long interval swell to spread the crowd. Nobody notices the old guy stealing a few 100 yard sprints. Get out. Burrito and beer. Home. Mission accomplished.  Big smile. Mike


Butt crack looks clean!
Great job

If’n you offset goofy or reg, cool, don’t center. Oh and keep out from under foot!

Cuz, leashes rip up swallow and fish tails a little extra glass is a good idea for da heavies.

Crisp - it just dawned on me that I had to use my pinky and index finger to sand some tight spots on it…I used white 220. Used my drywall gator sanding sponge to shape the tips on top, screen to shape inside crotch, and on top…it’s tough, but rewarding…THANKS!

Matt - I’m Goofy, but ride backside ok. Where would you set leash plug?

About the pig fish is it super wide? Im trying to talk my friend into a 6’2" or 6’4" big fish. He might want a five finned fish last time I spoke w him. I honestly don’t care what he wants? I just want the dough to get my truck!:smiley: gentlemen - ty for the info!

Rooster - beer sounds so good right now…ill have to pick sum up when I can come out. Im picking up a new wetsuit after I get done on house painting job! Peace