Jim's "MAGIC FISH" -5'10" x 22" Wide Keel Fish is done!

Folk’s - I basically got it done if n the am. I had to cross cut the nose ( deck side ) last week, and cut in sum tail rocker. Again, cross cutting techniques. It went VERY WELL! But I had to figure in a 3 step setup. Deeper pp setting at tips, a bit forward that a little less deep and so on…it worked great! then I had to surform, plane, block plane etc…

Then cut bottom rail bands in w surform and block, and finished w screen. I tucked under edges from tail to fins, but I need to touch up on side, touch up rails a little, sand w gator pad ( drywall sanding sponge ) to touch up entire blank.my tuck fades up board.

My rails changed slightly, I am going ahead w med/ hard fuller down rails, and a dead flat deck. Eagle beak nose, but I thinned my foil almost to the max on deckside… I pretty much did exactly what ,Andreini says he does on his Vaquero build. I plowed off as much foam it took to get 1 1/2" thick 12" from tip of nose. My tail thickness 12" up is 1 3/4". My beak nose I’ll just touch up, thin it out a tad…thin out my  tail tips slightly, and off to glass it! Cheers! :-)-Jim

Not done until it’s laminated and waxed up!  Mike


Some of us carry on an old tradition and “christen” our new boards at their maiden launch and douse ‘em with Vodka! 

Nice work T…

good on you mate


  nice to see people making boards on swaylocks.

a "Magic Fish " is cool to own! This is thing just looks cool. 

This morning I was thinking about cross cutting a bit more - which I didnt…i’m GLAD I didn’t!  it only took me about 30 mins w spoke shave, surform and block sanding… I got a nice scoop ahead of wp, or ahead of center… my tail is a bit thicker bcuz I designed this for sm waves, and up to double overhead max. My rails I left a bit fuller, but they’re prob 60/40s… Damn, this thing is Sweet!!! :D 

Anyone - like my idea going w flat deck, and roll to vee bottom!?!?  It wasn’t really planned but…I thinned nose tip out a bit more. Just a tad! 

:slight_smile: 2 more pics - showing nose/tail …1 3/4" tail rocker 3 1/2" nose rocker ( I think?)

Sorry Folk’s! My android doesn’t have a setting to make my pics small enough to post pics right? 

yeah thanks! I been zapped on funds for awhile, but I won 500 playing slots at a casino and bought these blanks! Lol. Now I need to buy a wetsuit, leash coord, and more blanks!!! Has anyone tried usblanks fish blanks?if so, what did you think about them?

US Blanks for fish

The basic 5-10 RP many many options

My tip, Do not over look the 6-2A again many options


thanks - Matty! I gotta a Friend who wants a board. Anyhow, I think he wants a 6’8" big fish? But he’s wondering if that’s too long? I know how surfs, because we surfed together a few times. He’s more of a easy does it - down the line type guy… I do a little of everything… including floAters.

Big guy fish…

The “Pig Fish” was a ripper. give me some time, I’ll have to go thru my notes. I PM you the goodies.

Hope your up on concaves, they move out…http://www.swaylocks.com/comment/475314 and yeah me was that fella.

6-8 RP too the limit used wingers to step it in.

It looks very clean from here! (meaning no wonky curves or lumps anywhere), looking forward to seeing it glassed and finned.

Looks good.  A keel on the points up by you is so fun

Huck - I saw your board - nice rail bands! You

Know what I discovered!? If your thickness isn’t too thick you can get away w less rail bands! I only did a big primary, and just surformed the bump fown on top and inbetween the bottom edge and primary… to make a fuller down rail… again, I made a pencil mark at wp to make my apex 3/4" from the bottom… 

Thanks -Huck! one thing I do is sand the entire as a single unit…it all has to flow together… same with rails, or whatever. I just try to make things fit my curves best I can. Tipping the board up on tip ends, eyeing the rails, shadows etc… but feeling the rails with a gentle squeeze is what the shapers do a lot of also… if it feels high - sand look lightly and check w calipers to verify if it’s even…like I said, I use my calipers everywhere! Lol. I even out the tables in my own way. 

thanks MUCH! I would lilike to point out - the cross cutting REALLY chiseled down the unwanted foam…and trying to visualize ‘board in blank’, and removing everything that’s not part of my design was/is key. Fyi I literally looked like FROSTY the snow man shaping this thing! I’m off to glass it - hopefully soon!? Happy Summer! :-)-Jim

So true! Let’s get’r glassed, Jim! Get sun cure lam resin. I’ve got surfacing agent to make sanding resin. I’ll show you how but it has to be soon because I’m getting real busy the next couple of weeks plus working on my own board projects. A gallon from Freeline is about 50 bucks. I have enough glass to do it. Mike

resin doesnt go bad does it? I got a gallon pu resin ( normal.kind) + cat. Ok, I’ll call you on Friday k. Thanks for your help! I plan to test these things out near santa cruz. I just want a predictable wave so I can get a clue about my designz. Probably what you do to? Figure em out by testing. 

I can’t wait to see what your building! Did you start shaping the rp yet? Fyi I tried a rp awile ago that had wp behind center 1-2", and man, that thing turned on a dime!

couple of swaylockers getting together to glass a board… that sounds like a load of fun… looking forward to what comes out of that party

Born to fly! Folk’s - I just gave her a name! It’s the - " MAGIC FISH " model! It flew in the air and came out like this! Now that’s --Magic! I just signed it - with my name on top " shaped by “, on on the bottom I put “MAGIC FISH”  5’10"x 22” . - Jim Shaper/designer

well, if - Mike doesn’t mind I want to drink -either my pbr’s, Mike’s hard limeade, or  tecate beers after glassing!  it looks like I’ll be test riding a twin fin now!?!?

Anyway, I got a friend who wants me to shape him a cruisy Fish in the 6’8" - 6’10" range! Now that’s a - Colossal Fish!!! I’ll probably boost a bit of tail kick to make it turn ok…lol. I think it’ll be fun! He has a friend who cwn glass it.

Matty - I appreciate your help! Oh yeah! I like concaves alright, but I don’t like them extreme. I want to make another swallow tail w single, or single to double concave.