heres the deal, I go to school almost full time (13 units) so not too much, but i also surf and shape and that takes up a considerable amount of my extra time. However, selling a board here and there just isnt enough money for car insurance, gas and the like, any job suggestions that dont involve fast food?

Security Guard,

study half the time,

get paid 7 bucks and hour

but because your studying half or more of the time

its equivalent to 14 bucks an hour.

Not fast food? Ok… slow food.

Seriously, one of the great jobs for a surfer is line cook. No matter where you go, a good line cook can find work, mostly nights, out early enough so you can get some sleep and catch dawn patrol, pays ok, ya don’t need much in the way of tools of your own unless you’re an aichmophile*, even your work clothes are provided.

And any place there’s surf, you can find a good gig if you can produce. Better yet, most gigs like that are seasonal, housing may be provided, food of course, and your job will be waiting for ya next year if ya don’t screw up bad. Even in college towns, a good line cook can make real money, compared to work study chump change.

Hope that’s of use

doc…sometimes a catering line cook…

*‘aichmophile’ - knife freak. One gets awfully picky about ones working knives. Some like the high-tech Globals, some go for the French carbon steel items, some even go whacko for Japanese exotics. Me, I like the old-fashioned heft and feel of the Tramontinas

I work on a boat and its a blast. Being a deckhand, you have to learn all different types of skills, plus all the hours you ever work can count torward to getting your captain’s license, also and most importantly, you get lots of time for surf and your are always on the water.