Joe Quigg surfboard found

oh yes

bothe ends and I saw one on the bottom

looks like this could give yourlife a new meaning.

rescue,resurector,and deliverer of the spirit of

an essence no longer heard above the din…

go forth into the desolation of the anaheim

and confront your destiny.


oh yeah howzit daddy’O

‘tomorrow is a new day’

spin this to the guy

and get him to donate it

and tell him you will put

his name on it…

and give him a ride

to the opening to eat

pu pu’s! some times food

is better than money…

or not…

they say the surf

is coming up right now…

hail quig!

nice to hear you are still alive.


you can be batman

I’ll  be alfred in the cave…

Hey Brose

good to see your still upright

I wouldnt know where to start resurecting that board, hell I dont have my glassing stands anymore. (cheap excuse)

Im not sure but I think the fin had a foam core, does that sound correct? Maybe with a strip of wood in it

hard to tell , lots of missing foam under the glass

yep I saw the swell in HB overhead but the shap was odd

sealbeach may be working primo





see my watch on the end of the chain?

you are getting very sleepy very sleepy.

you will give in to the irresistable urge to build a rack

the next day  you will wake up phone the guy

you wiilll buy the board for 1$ and tell the guy

to give you a hundred dollars in resin and glass

and you will fix the quigg FIX THE QUIGG

fiX da QUUIGG Fiiiiiiiiiiiiixxxxxxxxxda queeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiG

the following thursday you will be driving to sanclemente to drop off the board

and stop at tin can beach hang five

then to the river Jetties  to have your picture taken

with an old chick in a raggy bikini and then with a 10 year old kid

 paddle out and get caught inside

catch one wave and go in

its getting late

jump in the car and get to the metheusealeum late for the exhibit

but just in time for dinner and a movie in the auditoria

you will be so tired they will let you sleep in the shaping room in the balsa dust

where you will cure your alergy to balsa.

when I clap my hands you will wake up and forget everything except the date of the

norman conquest of england 1066,{the question you got wrong in englilsh history}

11 grade

mrs hulton


no you were not hypnotized

you were not hypnotized


ididnt tell you about doheny on the way home

the wave you get is unreal

and you meet that girl…

you know the one…

that has the outrageous topturn…


Kasia Meador ???

She hypnotises me when she surfs

wear do I get these powers?

I never shop at ross

they might be a russian front.


Gosh, this is painful. I wish I was nearby. I’d grab it up quick and get to repairing/restoring that thing.

With the help of Kensurf and Unclegrumpy, the board should make it to be included in the Quigg exhibit at the SHACC. Stoked that it will get outta that back yard and into view again.

Then… probably via the annual Bing container, it’ll make it to me and I’ll see what I can do about getting it back in some kind of shape. Couldn’t let this one slide any further down the path towards the landfill. Will be sure to document the process via a thread here. My first in a long time!

Crazy timing, but I just picked up an original Quigg laminate. Can’t imagine deglassing this thing, but it’ll be a nice thing to have with the package…

FWIW Quigg commissioned John Severson to create his logo; Severson used a photo of his brother Joe surfing Rincon to create the silhouette style image.  

The board is now at e SHACC

So now that it’s there, what happens next? Does it get cleaned up, any repairs? Or does it simply get put up in racks?

I’ll repost the photos that unclegrumpy sent me once I’m back in Bordeaux to give a better idea of the condition. It’s rough! But yes, the board will get cleaned up as much as possible, all dings fixed, missing foam and wood replaced… I’d like to get it preserved, and ridable, but am going to leave the battle scars showing.

I’d hate to do a cover job, and glass-off restorations aren’t really my thing in general. I’ll know better how to approach this one once I see it in person. Still, a noble cause!

Thanks again to Kensurf and to unclegrumpy for helping save this one from the landfill.

At least the fin looks intact!

Howdy folks!
Back from the dead, I be! Arrrrr!

What became of this board?