Joel Tudor's Longboard

Does anyone know the approximate specs of the red longboard Joel is riding in this clip?  Looks to me like a thin, flat bottom, low rocker, single fin 8’0x22"x2.7?. I’m mesmerized with this video and want to build something like it, hopefully improve my long skills on the rare days that its clean in NJ

I don’t know the specs but the longboards I’ve seen him surf locally and in person normally run in the 9-6 ranges, not 8-0.   It takes a certain amount of length and rail line and volume to support a 170+# surfer on the nose.       

Over the years I’ve groped a bunch of the boards he sells in the shops and I’m always amazed at how fat/chunky his rails and foils are.   And that includes the smaller boards he’s done.     Maybe he’s doing something different with his personal boards.   

ok, thanks, i was expecting hard rails for speed

No edges.  Anywhere.   Leastwise not on any of the traditional singlefin designs he was doing at the time of that film or at any point prior to it.   Without getting into any of the controversies of the day, Tudor initially learned longboard design from D.Takayama (not G.Takayama) when he was riding for him.   And IIRC correctly , 20 years ago D.Takayama only used edges in the tails of some of his 2+1s.  I used to go grope every board in his shop in Oceanside while he was still alive.   

Then again, all this was a long time ago, so my info might be outdated.  

Tudor has made use of of a few shapers since DT.  Shrosbee being one.  And the shaper responsible for the Joel Tudor Model .  As stated; Fuller rails and outline. Nothing extreme about the bottom or rail at the tail. 

From the looks of this pic, the rocker is low to moderate, and not a lot of thickness on the front section:

im thinking its somewhat close to Harbours “cruiser” models:

The red board in the clip appeared to be a rounded pin, two plus one fin set up.  Didn’t get a very good look at the second board. It did have the classic “sweet spot” concave at the nose that his mentor Donald Takayama was known for.   Neither appear to be the classic Joel Tudor Noserider.  Which is a fairly wide Diamond Tail usually in the 9’4 thru 9’9" lengths.  Hank Byzak has been shaping the Tudor boards more recently.  You can see examples on the Happy Battle Surf Shop website.

If you still have the DVD , (Longer) there should be an inventory of all the boards that Joel rides , and the locations where he rides them …just click on “extras” when the movie opens …if the board has a name , you should be able to google up some details and dimensions (maybe) .