John Belik quadfishes

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Those are sweet fishes. I like the concave running between the quads. Nice! Mike

If there has ever been a surfer/shaper that has been involved with riding and shaping fishes, it’s been John.He made me a fish in 1972 for $65.00. He was also very proficient at riding them. Glad to hear he is still at it. Where can these board be seen and is that John in the picture? Sort of looks like the way I remember him.

Yes that is John, and Sean Mattison with the blonde hair. John could have been found at trestles this evening testing his latest designs. Shaping here in oceanside currently, but I believe heading back down very soon to chill with friends in south san diego for a bit, before going back to Maui.

FYI- his last name is spelt " Belik ", John G Belik.

He’s a great guy, knows his stuff and loves tech in his boards. You should see the sailboards they’ve made…

thanks for posting that jim !

who makes the silvery fins with the ‘s’ on them ? they look nice !



beautiful looking board. you can tell just by looking at it that it’d absolutely fly.

Thanks Plus one, seen it spelled a few different ways… guess I shoulda made John show me his I.D.

That is a sweet looking fish.

My guess is that that is a single into double concave? (deep double obviously)

The fins look really close together too. Loosen it up??

Do you know the numbers on it? (that must be the most asked question on swaylocks.) :slight_smile: