John Mellor...............

…The S gathering…I will be the rep. for Foam-EZ,and will bring Brad N.'s donations.Herb …E-MAIL ME when you got the time…

Damascus will forward a DVD-Master Shaper Series to either me or to your address in time for the gathering. Tom S.

That’s really cool to donate those blanks!! Tom Sterne, will you be there?

Brad is such a good guy. any east coasters heading to the gathering? i have never surfed in CA and i might want to make this. any encouragement??

so whats the dates again for this gathering of the tribe? And what can we East Coasters expect as far a climate and water temps? How thick a suit would we need? Booties,gloves,hoods? ANy info would help in planning this deal if we can get the time off. Thanks ed

Sept 5-8. High will be 79 deg F; Low, 69 deg F. Water temp 74 deg. John says waves will be 4-6 and glassy, but I think there’ll also be slight overshores along with favorable tides.

Blanks? What blanks?! Tom Sterne and Damscus - Thanks very much for your help on the DVD! Herb and Brad - I don’t know what’s up, but thanks to both of you as well! Teddy - Hope to see you there! You guys from the east (or gulf) coast(s) will probably never receive a warmer welcome. Ed - ghunt has the dates but I’m afraid the water temp may be a little colder than that. This year has been a cold one - probably high 60s at best. Check the link below and click “Plaskett Creek” and “Sand Dollar Beach.” Contact me via e-mail and I can answer any of your questions. (

74 degree water near Big Sur??? Not going to happen. I think even high 60’s might be optimistic. Bring a 3/2 full suit and a spring suit and hope for the best… I recall one of my coldest surf sessions ever was south of Santa Cruz in the summer time… brrr… I am hoping to see you all up there as well. later,

No, I disagree…I’m predicting Hawaiian-like air/water temps in that area during that time. Waves too!! But to be on the safe side you better bring a wetsuit just in case.

OK, everybody’s entitled to make their own prediction. At least now we know it wasn’t a typo and that you really meant to say “47 degree water”…

SEAWATER TEMPERATURES: Intake seawater temperatures will range between 50 to 52 degrees through today, increasing to 51 to 53 degrees on Tuesday. Seawater temperatures will further increase to 53 to 56 degrees on Wednesday and Thursday. Gentlemen… let’s hope it warms up!

That sounds like a John Lindsey report. Burr!