John Mellor...

i just saw your rail contour tool…i was wondering if you frequently make these for friends, or could u possibly write up some plans to make one?? thanks, they look killer

Check this link or contact me via . The one I posted is overkill for most shaping purposes. I did a variation on Peter Rijk’s idea. Where is Peter these days? He posted the nice pics of a couple of Steve Brom fishes. (resource #487)

Teddy; I’ve seen this tool advertised in a “woodworkers warehouse” flyer. I forget what the price was. Frank

You can find a steel one at any Handyman, etc. in the tool section. They are’nt cheap though. They are called Contour Tools and are used to re-create flutes and curves for fancy table legs turned on a lathe. Problem is that they are not very deep so you won’t be able to get too far into the rail bands.

Here’s one of the best ones I’ve seen off the rack. Made of plastic so it doesn’t gouge the foam. Pretty cheap too.

thanks john, i might give one of those a try. it looks like it might go in pretty deep on the rail…