Josh Dowling 7'4"

This is my new Josh Dowling. After a bit of bad luck with my knee injury I’m looking to get back in the water. It should arrive next week, or thereabouts.

7’4" x 15n x 21 x 14t 2 1/2" thick.

looks fantastic!

Sweet !

man !


 I look forward to seeing that , and maybe [hopefully ?] get some shots of you surfing it soon , Mark ??






like it - looks fast - post some videos!

The colorwork is awesome !

Could you give some details on how it’s done ?


Ben, you’ll get to surf it mate!

It’s tinted epoxy and paint. Josh Dowling did it not me haha. 



yeeha !  thanks ,  Mark !


  somewhere crowd free hopefully ?


maybe we can take it in turns with the go pro eh ?


  be great to meet a few sways guys …


  cheers !