Josh Dowling articles

Always been a fan of Josh’s work, heres some interesting articles by Stu Nettle from this past week about him and his experiences, and also some awesome airbrush work.

If you still get on here best of luck with the future Josh!

“I tried numerous brands of epoxy. In the end it wasn’t handling the runny stuff that did it but the sanding dust – even when hard enough to sand, the resin is still reactive. It’s not fully cured for a couple of weeks. They’re like little shards of glass combined with the irritant aspect of the resin floating around in the air even as you walk into the workshop to grab something. I had a patch of rash under my arm. I figured it was from carrying boards between laminating and sanding rooms of a morning!”

“there are workers in huge Asian factories brushing and rubbing resin around like it’s the Stone Age”

Bottom line, if you mix a slurry of chemicals together and it turns to plastic…none of it is good for you…no matter how eco they bullshit you into believing it is.

Just asking, I saw a startup booth at a composite show, and they told me their glue was different to epoxy and poly. They also said it would need a different construction since the resin needs a higher temperature for cure, but maybe it’s another way to proceed a little less harmful.

Hopefully they do figure out some truly user friendly products, but until then I think its safe to assume that most components of a surfboard will effect your health negatively and it pays to wear PPE. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard that epoxy is harmless (compared to poly) I would have at least $20 ! Unfortunately a lot of people will tell you their product does or doesn’t do this and that if it means you will purchase it, regardless of the true parameters or origins of the product. I have never heard of Starch based resin but am interested in any alternative, gonna do me a google on it

I am so bummed about this.
I dreamed of one day ordering a paulownia-skinned speedneedle original, and taking the fam to Oz to pick it up.
Best wishes to Josh. I hope you still drop in here to share your thoughts on stuff.

Yes thats sad to hear as he is a real inspiration for my work, disappointing how the stuff is marketed and passed off as “eco” all the time but its just part of the greenwashing that is prevalent in all commercial enterprise…
Hopefully he can recover and maybe be making some boards soon if alternative materials open up that opportunity.
Ive noticed some aggravation from using epoxy so will now do my best to limit exposure and change my bay to seperate shaping/sanding.
Definitely love to see “harmless” tech evolve in the next few years but still a fully chambered glassless paulownia board finished with oil or wax is still the closest to a functional board I can come up with…

Considering Josh’s ingenuity, he will figure out a way around resin with a unique construction method and we’ll all benefit from his amazing brain.
Best wishes to you Josh.

I had long thought that I would go to Oz and get a board from Josh.

I wish you the best Josh. Hope you can find your way.

All the best