Nice board with tail block. 8oz volan deck and fin patch? Nice touch.

thank you. I’m pretty stoked about the tail block, came out pretty decent for the first one. it’s one 6oz on the bottom one 6 on top with a very long 6 patch. I was going to leave it at that but because I’m a lard ass decided to put another full 6 (salene) on top. I took them both out today. I’m glad I got to keep the 9’0", it’s my new favorite board. absolutely kicks butt. the 9’7" though, just doesn’t seem to want to get on the wave. doesn’t want to get over the hump. I know you guys can’t see much on the pic but if you have any suggestions why this might be I’d appreciate it. hopefully it’s just ‘new board and crap surf’ to blame but then the 9’ did good. thanks again

JR: Nice looking board…looks to me like you got too much rocker in the tail. I know a nose rider needs tail rocker but its more a kick in the last foot than the long drawn out curve you have. Try moving the fin up and back in the box and see if that doesn’t help. Next try a different shape fin. Newbs

oh…yes, I miss understood. with the talk of reverse rocker and all…hmmm. ok. kick not curve. thanks Newbs.

That sucking feeling you get trying to take off is precisely the thing that holds the tail down while you step to the nose…you just ended up with too much of a good thing. Definately try scooting the fin around…that might be all you need to do.