Jumping on the Diamond Tail Bandwagon

Well, not really…been making DT’s for a long time, but this one- slightly pulled, has a nice look. There’s a bit of vee from slightly ahead of the fins out the back, which works particularly nicely with the diamond tail:

Mmmmmhhhh, I can FEEL that board pivoting under my feet… If only I could get rid of those 10 Kilos overweight…

Very nice! I’ve always admired your designs.

Very tasty!

Could we have a little more detail?


Concave or just the vee?

How about a picture from the tail showing the rails?

The template just looks so clean and smooth, I can imagine the feel of the first bottom turn.

Sorry, no more pics- the board was picked up yesterday-off out into the big world! Maybe I’ll get an action shot, later.

6’6’‘, 19 1/4’‘, 2 5/8’', tapered rails, some dome in the deck and foiled out in the tail (no blocky rails). Slight single concave into vee ahead of the fins (with very slight double concave), running out the back. Rails are soft and eggy through the concave, with an edge starting at the vee. The rider tends to have his back foot right ahead of the leading edge of the fins, so this is a good combo for him.

US Blanks red, 6+4 oz. deck, 6 oz. bottom, sand only. Light enough. Futures.

Can I ask, where did you place the front fins? at 11" or did you scoot them up a little for the 6’-6" length.