just a funny pic from 1987 with a lot of quads!

[img_assist|nid=1048772|title=1987 quads|desc=1987 quads in the netherlands against vw van |link=none|align=left|width=640|height=480]\



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  1. bad looking shape

  2.  the TS board looks very fun to me too, lot of planshape curvve though

  3. i dont know

4. i think the board with the K looks most contemporary, what ya-all think?

  1. red board has fin boxes

  2. looks horrible, slide-aways guaranteed


wouter, hey mate!


this is amazing...I have been thinking I wanna try something with an 80's type template. I like the curvy outline they seem to have...id like to combine this type of outline with modern bottom curves.

numbers 2 to 5 look like the planshape I have in mind...what sorta dimnesions u think might give this type of outline?? for something around 6'2"-6'4"??

Cheers M

Second board from the left seems to be a “Bakun” from what I can see of the logo. Bakun was a well-known small brand in the 80’s and they were located not very far from my place. They actually glassed a few boards for me since I was terrible at glassing…

Correction: what I thought to be a stylised “B” is actually a T and a S. Sorry. Bakun’s logo looked pretty much alike…

The TS board is a Tris Surfboard...by tris cokes who now owns Homeblown here in Cornwall. the one on the right looks like a Vitamin Sea - Tad Ciastula - worked out of Newquay and went to Canaries - think he went onto the No WorkTeam?



i heard from the guy who took the pic, the boards were pretty wide, 20 inches and more

20+ is always good for fun!

which board do you like best?

btw, does anybody recognize the “A” on board number 4 from left , located between fins, it reminds me of a surf logo today, dont know which one anymore… Merrick? darn

the quad on the right… is it me or is the leading fin pair pretty far up the board?