Just me, or do the new blanks dent...

like crazy? This one was the excel blank with three fours under my back foot and RR epoxy and it’s dented all to hell already. Otherwise not a bad experience shaping it. I shaped two at the same time, and they both dented about the same. Also some delam, but that was probably from being left on the tarmac in a black board bag in 90 degree temps.

Maybe have to go back to six ounce, or even eight ounce for under the foot?

Sounds like you didn’t post cure it.

Excel is the foam from China, correct? That foam is polyurethane with bigger cell structure like

Walker foam. Have you read any of the threads or comments about using epoxy on PU? Rich

Harbour has some things to say amongst others… …might want to search.

Oh, did you glass the board in 80F conditions? Did the temp drop below this at any time

in between work steps? This can inhibit the cure and make for a softer board along with the

use of PU.