Just pick your damn board up

What the hell is up with people?? I’ve been doing ding repair & when people call and after they find out how much, the next question is when & and can I get it sooner than that. I make every effort to get their boards ready in a timely manner. Then they let the board sit for too damn long, won’t answer calls or texts. Jeez, I guess I’ll have to charge storage fees. Anyone else having this problem? And how do you deal with it?


Personally seen this disclaimer at the entrance to a shaping bay. Seems logical.

I know the feeling well. I have thought about formalising the deal whereby a date is set for completion, if I haven’t finished it gets $5 cheaper per week and if they don’t pick it up they get charged $5 per week.

set up a template text (SMS) message with terms and conditions of service on your phone and send it to customers once you collect the board. First condition:

1. Boards will be sold if not collected within 3 months of the owner being advised the repair is ready for collection.


problem solved or its no longer a problem.

i agree with this. if watching judge judy has taught me anything, however, make everyone who drops off a board for repair sign something that proves they acknowledge this policy.

also $5 a week for storage seems low, make it $20!

Yes… I’ve threatened to charge for storage, and that usually does the trick.

Yep, storage charges will be quoted for every repair from now on. Thanks for all the input. I just texted the offender that I was leaving for 2 weeks, and miracle of miracles, he’s on his way to pick it up right now…


ya those situations suck

the longest some one has taked to pick up there board from me is 14 months

the only time when it really gets me mad is when im super busy and out of space to put the finished boards

then ive had some people come to me and say " so how long do you think its gonna take for the repair?..2…3…HOURS"

ya right, those people are smokin something, i have to explain to them that there are 30 boards ahead of his and if he wants it done quick then he has to pay for a rush fee for same day repair jobs.

the only time i sell left boards is when ive been trying for a long time to at least get a hold of the owner and i get no responses back

but im currently working on a formal recite that explains the pick up proses and it will be just like a pawn shop if they dont pick up their board

in my fantastic imagination

I just tear into the perfect repair

with a claw hammer and abuse

the damn thing within an inch

of compost… I have a board that I took in

and had lunchmeat patch and paid him for it,

and the guy took 2 and 1/2 years to come to pick it up

then he made me wait another couple o’ 8 months

to come pick it up… there were two boards he picked up one

left me with a randy sleigh pintail semi gun around 7’2’’ with resin pinlines

 I step over it every so often

haven’t seen him in a year or so…

I will sell it for double what he owes me now that randy passed away…

one of these days… in the mean time this is a memmorial to randy’s exhuberant youth

befofe he moved to oahu and the scene…


some people are just