just sharing some stoke i got on these Stiletto fins

bought a set of stiletto fins off a swaylocker [thanks for posting them on sways]

i havent been this much pleasantly surprised and positive on anything since my first coil 

stuck the fins in a 6ft1 egg the 2nd session today and it just changed by so much!

first i had the stretch fronts in [they are smaller than g5 fronts] + a set of small GF fins tad bigger than GL, but smaller than G-XQ

first session had overhead waves, second had should high

but the change was there: looser, but with control, very positive, crisp, clean feeling

the egg felt all of a sudden like a shortboard. wow.

nearly all the fcs fins have the same or near, sweep and shape, plain boring, so i collected same fcs fins in different sizes. time for a change

can anyone share similar positive feelings over some fins they bought, or maybe made? some ozzie guy just might… :wink:

btw, who designed those Stiletto fins, they are for sale on a mattison distribution site…

anyways, nice fins, worth your money! 

next time i will go ahead and buy some custom griffin fins, just because those are so great





















  Stilettos Quad Fins (set of 4 fins)

The Stilettos are a very unique quad set that emphasizes pivot and quick rail change.The design of these fins have a vertical profile and low tip area the frees the turning radius of almost any board design. 

Front fins 
tall -5" 
base- 4 3/4" 

Rear fins 
tall-4 7/16" 
base- 3 1/2"

Rear fins have a 80/20 foil for smooth transition in the turns without loosing drive.

…and you can add gobs of tail rocker and tail kick to enhance the fins so hold very well too…

Are these the same as John Belik’s?

looks like 'em…

I love my Probox Beliks!

Yes these are Jon Beliks fins.

It a shame he gets no credit for them.

Hes on maui having a good life just making his own boards  and surfing everyday.


He’s got another set for fishes that work great, too.  

Are they close to yours? The outline looks similar. 

Similar concept done differently

Bonzer center fins have the same concept 


Here are mine

I had a quad set of Beliks I was loving, great setup.  Only reason I stopped using them was I got a set of Halcyon quads.  :)


would yours surf with a bit more drive?

they seem a tad more sweeped.

next time i will order some of yours