I’m looking for any contact info for Don Kadowaki. I know he shapes in OC somewhere (I think)

and has been around since the 70’s. There’s actually a video on You Tube - he’s shaping.

Anyway, my friend wants to “replicate” his 6’10" Kadowaki and I figured I’d ask on the board

of all knowing surfers if anyone had info on where I could get in touch with the man himself.

THanks in advance.

Hey, I know Don myself, contact Surf Concepts in Manhattan Beach he still shapes through them. He is good friends with Eric Nakagi (one of the owners)., tell them Dave Sherrier sent you

hey dave! are you still in so bay? I haven’t seen you an a very long time. last I heard some one mentioned that you had moved out of state. hope all is well.

freedom, call mangiagli mfg. 310-372-5858 he is sanding boards for steve a couple days a week. don kadowaki is one of the best around. from the old school and can shape anything a true master.

Thanks for the info so far. I’ll put him in touch with both contacts and hopefully

can put him on the righteous path.

If I’m no mistaken he’s always posted up at the 26th St. lot in Manhattan Beach. good surfer too.

I just bought a recent shape by Don K, used, and it is really good! I’m stoked, can’t wait to go surf again!
He has a website, all it has on it is his wave logo and his ph#