Kane Garden Glassing

Hey there. I have heard different things back and forth about the glassing quality of Kane Garden boards. I own a 9’6" phantom, and have never had a problem with it’s glassing. However, I’ve been looking into a KG twinzer and just want to make sure that the purchase is worth it from a durability standpoint. Any thoughts or experiecnce, good or bad, with their glassing? Thanks.

…man in a pro level, there re no bad glassing work at all…so, order your next board with 6 oz instead of 4oz (premium glass like Aerialite, Hexcel, Jps) and a gloss coat

…ask for a plug who have similar thickness to the finish shape…

Standard glassing schedule for stock boards (Kane garden) is a 6 oz. bottom and a 6oz. + 4 oz. deck. Most longboards are from blanks that are similar in strength to a Clark Supergreen. In addition, boards that are currently being made in Poly construction are either Walker foam ,Surfblanks Australia,Just foam,and a few other sources. All the blanks that are currently being used are very strong, and incure minimal ( if any) denting. Also, all boards are checked over and are not released until they pass inspection.

In addition all boards ( up to 10’6") are available in Epoxy construction.

I’am currently riding KG epoxy short boards shaped by Stu Kenson. The Epoxy glass work is excellent, very light and strong. Took a whole quiver to the Ments last summer with no problems. Highly recommend EPS/EPOXY.

You’re not alone in your uncertainty regarding the durability of those boards. However, I have had the pleasure of riding a Larry Mabile shaped twinzer and the board is absolutely ridiculous in slowish, open faced waves. Never ridden anything faster in weak waves - period.

Also, my friend has been riding a Kane Garden twinzer for about 2+ years, and although the tail is well into some serious delamination the board has otherwise held up well and has served up some serious stoke - buy it!