KANOA Surfboards?

Has anyone out there ever heard of Kanoa Surfboards? I have been looking at a board made under this label and I am thinking of purchasing it but I have no knowledge of the company or their credibility in the surf world. Thanks for any help/advice you can give me. Also, this website kicks butt!! As soon as I have a garage to work in I am building myself many many boards thanks to all of the inspiration I have gotten on here.

 Howzit ekibike, Do you know where the boards are made, as in what country or state. With a name like KANOA it sounds like a Hawaii board,but I've never heard of them so they might be  back yard built boards .Aloha,Kokua

Wow its been a long time since i’ve visited/logged in. About the Kanoa label, If i remember correctly I’m pretty sure that label was out of the South Bay area, (Hermosa, Redondo, Torrance). I only remember because I visited my Grandparents in Palos verdes several times when i was grom in the early 80’s and remember seeing the the sign on a surf shop somewhere in that area. Also remember seeing quite a few of the boards at the local beaches and a few in the mags.

Aloha, 808shapes


Kanoa surfboards was in Manhattan Beach in the early 80’s. It was a small shop and I think it was on Highland Ave? My Kanoa was the first board I ever bought with my own cash, it was a beautiful 6’4" single wing, twin-fin, swallow tail. I surfed it all over So. Cal., Baja and even a couple of sessions @ Ala Moana & Kaisers. It seems to me that there was a second shop somewhere in the So. Bay (L.A.) but I can’t remember where. Sorry no pics, it was a long time ago.

Sr. Pato

“but I have no knowledge of the company or their credibility in the surf world.”

What does this matter if the board looks good and has you attention…

Thanks to everybody that had some info about this board. It really helped me alot. Have a good one guys!!

Kanoa, to the Best of My recollection, was out of the South Bay, as every one has stated- Owned By Tuzo and Kip Jerger- I think it was there solo gig after they left Val Surf in the late 70s and early 80s- They had a good surf team- Very active in the WSA at the time- Any one remember the Old Dry Duck Adds with Tuzo Jerger in the Giant Body Condom? Sorry, but the shop shapers name eludes me- He was one of the more respected guys in the area at this time though- Memory must be starting to go- Getting Old sucks!-


I am pretty excited about this board and I think I am definitely going to buy it. I was wondering however if this is the company your were thinking of. A pic of the logo is attached. Also, how hard do you guys think the damage in the second pic would be to fix?

south bay for sure.pretty progressive team in early 80’smost on tiwnnies like the one you have.(a former roomate was a team rider for them)…

Steve M is right. If this is the same Kanoa Surf, then Kip was one of the owners and a pretty nice guy. The lam doesn’t look familiar but it may be pre-Manhattan Bch.

The tail problem is an age old issue with swallow tails and fishes. What drives me crazy is how people manage to do it. Sorry, I won’t step up on my soapbox just yet. Back to the tail. If you are not experienced in ding repair, you might consider taking it to a professional. Rebuilding the tips can be a pain in the _ss if you’re not sure what your doing. If you do have some experience there are a couple of ways that I’ve used successfully. In minor cases you can cut out the bad foam, wrap painters tape around the tip and creat a small volcano shaped cone slightly larger than the original tip. Pour in a blen of resin and Q-Cell, making sure that it is not mixed too hot. (Otherwise you get bubbles in the patch which can show up during sanding) After it sets, peel off the tape, use a small, soft, sanding block and some 120 grit and carefully reshape. If your fairly new to glassing, use 4 oz patches top and bottom. It’s easier to work with but not as strong as 6 or 8 oz. Cut the glass in a V shape that will wrap over the edges. Flip the board over and start on the bottom first. After the first layer has cured, lightly feather the edges to get rid of strings or kinks. then flip the board over and do the same on the top. Carefully sand the lap and then brush on a light layer of sanding resin. (Oh Yeah, be sure to lap the glass over the existing glass. Otherwise your tips will just pop off on the first bottom turn. Found out the hard way years ago.) I would not recommend this method for repairs larger than 1".

Sr. Pato