kauai board rental

hey sway buds … is there anybody on kauai that could rent me a longboard for a week?? must be at least 11 foot to 12 foot … could leave some sort of collateral for security… will be arriving sept. 28 … thanks sadony

phone the shops and reserve a surf tech.

if you wanna go surf with me I will take you

I dont let boards over 11’

out of my sight

as they are more likely to be damaged

as they are difficult to transport and store.

what side are you staying?

poipu/ nukamoi surf shop or progressive expressions

north shore /hanalei surf co. or kaikane

surf schools rent em off the beach in hanalei

and kalapaki beachboys rent em off the beach

at the marriot in lihue.

9’6’’ is a diffrent story.

You want a fresh new one I’ll rent it to you for 100.00 a day…

you should have ordered it already

so it could cure…