kauai tam'o' shanter surf club minutes

three little pigs paddled out at kuaehu point and went way farther out than ever… on their miserable cloven feet were afixed the full spectrum of color… molded to the shape of the historical duck these undeetectable team fins were all new and untried…valiant were the piggies for the distance to be covered was imense not just down the line but out through a compound reef rip system all had studied in depth on boards in excess of 11’ the upper threshold length of the alaia board alowed the commoners…stepping back from homos erectus at his spot is a considerable commitment but it just had to be done…water clear outside sets inconsistant made the cherry popping of these stalwart piggies feasable for to get caught inside or swim …an horrific swim would ensue through two or three reforms and accross a reef of indeterminate depth because of the surge…3 hours of sampling derived a great deal of collected data on push through tecnique, explosive take offs and most of all what it feels like to live in the feet of the duck…we to a man give deepest respect to them that preceeded walking th camino de las olas en the feet of the duck undeetectable …they told us to go slow and break in but we didnt listen and now we pay the price swollen hooves blistered and sore radiating heat, legs quivering in standing conversation…the topic of oooooo ow ow ow is the grinning inside joke of the day for this week …walking in the footprint of the duck is a formidable quest thanks to those that made it all possible and to the storms of the north pacific …kudos von kudzu…to all Tam’o shanter club addicts dale is right yes we are just beginners but we have the apparatus and the enthusiasm… so onward into obliviousness we treck may oour feet heel …and any thing after that seems easy …ambrose… secret agent stam no furs if you dont understand just enjoy the sound of the pen

Ambrose - I read and understood every word (well, almost!) I think I got the main idea anyway. You gotta walk before you can run especially in those big guys. My old ones have been used quite a bit and they’re almost identical to the new ones. They don’t seem to be getting any softer. I still use neoprene socks for hoof protection. Unless the new fins are really tight barefoot, you might look into getting a pair. Film is back and will forward soon. Thanks!

on the advice of the Dr. Deets-definitely put socks on those (duck)feets!! all clear on the camino de las olas…

thanx you guys, yes, just as it helps to wear socks in your shoes or skates while playing terrestrial sports neoprene flipper slippers are a neccessity when wearing fins…any fins for wave riding, swimming, or diving…the increased support, response, and comfort cannot be underestimated it seems the UDT will soon become the most utilitarian swim-fin available once again, we will endeavor to keep all options available and the fin evolving from user feed back this ain’t your daddy’s UDT… greg