Kaui trip

Hey there,

Going to Kaui this weekend, anyone want to meet?


Howzit surfdaddy, Where are you staying  on Kauai, you're welcome to stop by.Aloha,Kokua 

  Ph# 826-4555  I'm in Haena on the North Shore so if you take a ride to the end of the road you'll have to go right past my house, just before Tunnels.

Hey there Kokua,

We are staying at The Radisson Kauai Beach Resort at Lihue, is that near you, I have heard that the waves are going to be in the 30 feet range this weekend? Will get there at 5 pm tomorrow.

My cell is 310.629.4647, I will have it with me.




I am writing this on behalf of my husband, surrfdaddy. We were leaving this morning for Kaui, As we were walking to the taxi cab that was parked infront of our house, my husband had a grand-mal seizure and had to rushed to the hospital and we spent all day there. We are now home and informed the airlines what happen and will try to take a plane out there Monday afternoon.

Surrfdaddy’s wife

adele davis in her nutrition book s

has said somthing about the relationship between magnesium and gran mal

worth a chek out…common epsom salt rich source of magnesium

can reduce incidence of siezures…hope all is well…

I’ll look it up again…


808 822 3926

Howzit Surfdaddy’s wife, That’s a shame and I hope he’s alright. The weather here on Kauai was the pits yesterday and the swell was not as big as perdicted and had the sickness to it all day. The swel is already dropping and weather is improving. The hotel you will be staying at is not to far from where Ambrose is, so make sure to stop by his place while here. Jim ( LokBox gets here on the 25th so maybe we can all get together for a talk story session.Aloha,Kokua

adele davis lets eat right to keep fit the chapter on magnesium

natures tranquilzer?

I cant find my copy at the house maybe it’s at the store up front…