Kedis PRO 15' CNC For Sale - Brazil

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Brand new CNC for sale in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Kedis have installed over 50 machines since 2012 and offer ongoing support. Kedis machines manufacture for big names like Channel Islands, Timmy Paterson, and Lost.

  • Cut any board with a huge working area - 15ft long and 38" wide.
  • Accurate cuts every time with a rigid carbon steel helical tracks and industrial linear guides.
  • Moves a lot of foam quickly with a powerful 4.2HP spindle and a 10" tungsten carbide disc cutter.
  • Rapid cuts with 4 fast and powerful servo motors (85kgf), and lightweight aluminium moving carriage.
  • Identical boards always with a 2KW centrifugal pump vacuum system, 4 suction cups, and a powerful alignment laser.
  • Can go in any factory because it only requires single-phase power!
    *Built-in industrial computer/controller with Mach 3 for ease-of-use.

You can get started straight away with this machine, because it comes with 100 EPS blanks from ST Blanks!

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