Keel Fins - anyone sell them???

Does anyone shape and sell the classic style plywood keel fins. These would be needed for a 6ft x 21 x 17nose x 17.5tail fish. Are the base and height measurements adjusted depending on the tail width, say if it was only 16.5 or is there a standard size keel fin.

Hi Mike, I have made glass-ons of this discription in the past and have a template that may suit. They’re pretty straight forward to make. If you want me to make a pair for you we’ll just have to decide on something that will suit and the exact size. I’m sure we work out something if you’re interested. I can send you photos of my work if your interested. You might like Paul Jensen to make something for you. He does great work. Check out his sight. Mahalo, Rich (Halcyon Custom Fins)

Rich, I would be interested in obtainiyng a set of fish fins. I plan on using two Fins Unlimited boxes instead of glassing them on. Was wondering if you had any experience with the type of fin I’m describing. I’d appreciate any info, pics and prices. Thanx, Derek


Hi Mike, My price is the same a Paul’s. The fin boxes will work fine. I’ll talk to a few people about where to set them and how much tow-in they thing you should have. There are several shapers here on Swaylocks that will have suggestions about where they should go and how they should be aimed. I can make fins straight up from the boxes or put some cant in them if you prefer. The boxes will give you a lot of opportunity to experiment. It’s a good idea I think. Traditional fish are foiled fairly thick in the tail so fin boxes shouldn’t be a problem. I’d say the shorter variety will work for you. Send me an email if you like and we can discuss more details. Mahalo, Rich

Hey Derek, My last response should have included you. I’m sorry. I’ll watch for an email. Malaho, Rich

Clyde B. sells single foil fish fins that are designed to work with the Red-X system.

Thanks Rich, will email you when I get started on it. Mahalo, Derek

You can go to Mitch’s in La Jolla or to the Green Room in OB in San Diego. They both carry Gepharts those are the original fins from the original maker.Use the 9" base for the fish size you are talking about. The placement for the fins are as follows 8" from the tail tip and 1 1/8" from the rail line. These measurements come from an original fish so good luck. Stay Soul, Rick P.S. Mitch’s will ship you the fins if you send a check first.