Kendall and

I know that I’m a reasonably intelligent person(that can’t spell?).

I also know that I’m not a genius…At best, I’ve learned from my life experiences at how to “adapt and overcome”.R&D TROUBLESHOOTING is my best aspect you could say.That and having good futuristic visionary qualities…it’s a shame that I never got together w/ some sm/lg company,whether it be in this industry or not…it would have been benificial.

I know that I’m not a genius because,after talking up a session w/ Tom and Dennis over at Daum Tooling…they just outright smoke me under the table,and leave me lay for the vultures…lol.Herb

i can relate herb

i have no degree ,

and i don’t know any scientific terms , or theories …


i just enjoy experimenting with stuff . [boards and fins]

it’s all about having fun and trying stuff [for me , at least]



[ there are now 45 minutes till it’s light enough for the dawn patrol … it’s stretches time !]